Daal Kachori Recipe in Urdu

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دال کچوری

آمیزے کےلئے:
میدہ(چھنا ہوا)۔۔۔۔2 پیالی
نمک۔۔۔۔حسب زوق
گھی۔۔۔۔2 کھانےکے چمچے
تیل۔۔۔۔ تلنے کے لئے

بھرنے کے لئے:
چنے کی دال(ابلی ہوئی)۔۔۔ایک پیالی
بھنا اور کٹا ہوا سفید زیرہ۔۔۔۔ایک کھانےکا چمچہ
ثابت گول لال مرچ۔۔۔۔ 6 عدد
نمک۔۔۔۔ حسب ذائقہ

Daal Kachori banane ka tarika

ایک پیالے میں میدہ، گھی اور نمک ملا کر نیم گرم پانی سے گوندھ لیں۔ بیلینڈر کے بھرنے کے اجزاء یکجان کرلیں۔ آٹے کے چھوٹے چھوٹے پیڑے بنائیں، انہیں ہاتھ کی مدد سے پھلائیں اور دال کا آمیزہ بھر کر دوبارہ پیڑے بنالیں۔ تھوڑی دیر رکھنےکے بعد انہیں بیل لیں۔ کڑاہی میں تیل گرم کریں اور کچوریاں سنہری تل کر جاذب کاغذ پر نکال لیں۔

Chef Gulzar, Posted By: sanobar hayat,

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Reviews & Comments (92)

Musfira - Sahiwal Jan 08, 2018
These daal kachori is the best evening snack. I made this recipe and my experience was really good. Kachoris were made very crispy and soft inside. Thanks kfoods for sharing the recipe with us.
Mrs. Tayyab - Malakand Jul 08, 2017
in our hostel they make the worst daal kachori ever. And sometimes the most smelly keema kachori. I hated that. And this is when I thought about making daal kachori for my vice chancellor and chef of cafeteria.
Jameela - Jeddah Jun 30, 2017
The holy month of Ramadan is here in which different foods like kachori, samosa, pakoray etc. I always like to eat desi foods and this is the only platform for me where I can easily learn how to make desi foods perfectly and innovatively. Thank you so much for this one.
Lubna - Rawalpindi Jun 22, 2017
Eating daal kachori is the best experience of my life. I love to eat dishes made from daal and this is the best I have ever eaten in my whole life. Thank you so much for this recipe.
Iraj - Pindi Jun 20, 2017
Such an easy and healthy dish it is. I love making it again and again as it too good in taste and is too easy to make. Thanks for providing such a yummy recipe for iftar.


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Daal ki Kachori is a very delicious and tasteful Indian snack. At a time, it was famous in Punjab especially as a breakfast item however now it is famous around the world. Kachori is enjoyed at various occasions; it's served in dinner in Mehndi and other wedding functions and also used as an Aftari item in Ramadan. KFoods.com is providing Kachori Recipe in Urdu by Chef Gulzar. Here it is..

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Dal Kachori Recipe

Dal Kachori Recipe

06 Jul 2015
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