Safed Balon ko Siyah Karna!

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Safed Balon Ka Gharelu Ilaj in Urdu | White Hair Treatment at Home | Turn White Hair into Black Naturally

Take some dry potato and put it in an iron pot then add some water in it and leave it for a day. Next day wash your hair with this water for turn your hair black.

Safed Balon Ka Ilaj in Urdu

مٹھی بھر آلو کے خشک ٹکرے لوہے کے برتن میں ایک دن کے لیے بھگودیں- دوسرے دن اس پانی سے سر دھونے سے بال سیاہ ہوجائیگے

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Umer Anaam Apr 18, 2017
My head hair also got white and their number is growing day by day. What should I use? kindly give me an effective remedy which can remove all white hairs in just one week.
Sameera Apr 10, 2017
Hi, it seems a very simple tip, just it requires soaking potatoes in water in a metallic bowl. However I wanna make myself sure that does it work appropriately? as described? I have potatoes in my kitchen , I can start it just now. looking for your tip?
Rania Mar 19, 2017
Excuse me, you did not tell how many times do we have to repeat the process? and what to do with potatoes? should we remove them before washing hair? or we should keep potatoes within the bowl? After washing, should we use shampoo?


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