Shahi Haleem Recipe

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This is a very special dish of pakistan. I hope you like it.

meat boneless:2lbs
Ginger Garlic paste:2tbs each
red Chilli powder:2tbs
dhania powder:3tbs
Garam masala:1tsp
Green chillies paste:1tbs
ground Mint leaves:1tbs
Chana dal:1/2cup
Moong: 1/4cup

How to make Shahi Haleem


Soak wheat & barley overnight and boil with 1tsp chilli & haldi powder make it tender and grind it.
Add all dal & rice with enough water to cook and cook till tender and grind.
Heat oil, fry onion, add all masala, yogurt, roast for a while then add meat.
Add water and cook till tender. Add dal & wheat mixture.
Grind it in a mixer or grind manually. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly.
Add garam masala to this.
serve with fried onion strips, lemon, cilantro, chopped ginger and chat masala.


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Reviews & Comments (48)

Shakir - Bhakar Jan 08, 2018
This recipe is very easy written and well explains but tell me one thing that can I use chicken in place of beef?
Rani - Faisalabad Nov 13, 2017
Haleem is a perfect and wonderful main course food. It is a healthy food that we can also eat as an snack. I like it very very much especially when I eat it with friends or a day home with my family. I will enjoy your shahi haleem with my family.
Shireen - Kasur Oct 28, 2017
now i will make this shahi haleem, i have heard good words about this so i would give it a try. Now i am free from my studies so i would maximum of my time to cooking my favorite things.
Irsa - RWL Oct 16, 2017
Hi, I have eaten this Shahi Haleem before as well. It is no doubt very tasty however I want to know what is the main specialty of this haleem? what makes it so unique and tasteful. I want to spot the exact difference in this and other haleem.
Najia - Hyd Jul 14, 2017
normal Haleem is a cool dish but the ingredients and directions of shahi Haleem actually take it to next level of taste and fun. With a bit of vinegar in it the taste actually get enhanced. This is better.


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Shahi Haleem - It is a tempting combination of lentils and meat that is widely made on special occasion and it is also use as a breakfast, lunch and dinner with nan. Try this easy homemade Shahi haleem recipe.

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How to Make Haleem

How to Make Haleem

30 Nov 2017
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