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I have attempted this Tomato Ketchup recipe it''s still everything give me the better taste what I deserve my Grandfather also love to eat it

  • soiba khan,

Just watched this Tomato ketchup recipe here and it is perfect according to what I and my family likes. We are very happy to see here is a big list of Soup Recipes that I always enjoyed cooking and eating.

  • Amber, Khanewal

This was delicious! My husband says I'm not allowed to ever buy pre-made sauce again. Thanks for sharing!

  • Durr e shehwar, Karachi

Thank you for this fantastic recipe! I've been looking to provide my family with heart-healthy options in the way of ketchup (we love our ketchup)!

  • Abeer, Karachi

Now I will comment after the fact. This tomato ketchup turned out to be very tasty. I've made this recipe twice now.

  • Mehnaz, Faisalabad

You have to pay attention to it, and stir every few minutes, but from the time I started chopping to the time it reduced, it was just over an hour. I did use ground clove, and made a few adjustments, but I can say that it does have a great flavor. This tomato ketchup came out delicious.

  • Rehana, Dehli

I love this recipe! I didn’t know how to make tomato ketchup and it was really sad when I ran out of it the other day. Luckily, it looks like I won’t from now on.

  • khizra, Quetta

yeah, it is my need to make tomato ketchup. I am a lover of, kababs, samosas, tikka, and sandwiches are my favorite snacks. so problem was that I don't believe bazari ketchup when I see this recipe so I feel cool now I can make ketchup in my home..

  • salma hasan, karachi

I would surely make tomato ketchup from this recipe because I dint like ketchup that are available in markets because they have a very sweet taste. And this recipe seems different from those.

  • Shagufta, Sahiwal

Tomato ketchup is a nice thing if you like to make it at home. We all like to eat tomato ketchup, isn't it? so instead of buying expensive and a low quality ketchup, it is better to make it yourself at home. It will also ensure that you have made a hygienic food yourself.

  • Farah, Hyderabad