Creamy Russian Salad

My whole family likes it and eat it happily when I cook it. It is very expensive to afford in bazar but I make it at home in only 70 Rs(4 serves) whereas in bazar a single plate is of Rs 100. It is very refreshing. It Can be eaten in aftari or before meals.

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1. Carrot Chopped in Cubes: 1/4 cup
2. Potato Chopped in Cubes: 1 potato
3. Peas: 1/4 cup
4. Apple Chopped in Cubes: 1 apple
5. Mango: 1 mango
6. Pineapple: 1/4 cup
7. Cream: 3 tbsp
8. Mayonnaise: 3 tbsp
9. Yogurt: 4 tbsp
10. Chicken: a small amount
11. Salt: 2 to 3 pinches
12. Pepper: 1/4 tsp
13. Sugar: 1 tbsp
How to make Creamy Russian Salad


1. First boil the chicken, chopped potatoe, and chopped carrot.
2. Now add cream, yogurt, mayonnaise, salt, pepper and sugar in a bowl and mix well.
3. Add the boiled ingredients and all fruits to the mixture.
4. Mix it properly.
5. Tasteful and refreshing creamy Russian salad is ready.
6. Now serve it in colourful bowl because it looks good. You can serve to four persons.
Posted By: Maryam Nofal, Sargodha

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Russian salad stands out as a delectable and adaptable dish suitable for all occasions. Crafted from an array of vegetables like potatoes, carrots, peas, and pickles, it also features hard-boiled eggs and a creamy mayonnaise dressing.

  • Amna,

This is a very delicious Russian Salad, InshaAllah i will try tomorrow''s Dinner

  • Wania,

I like it russian salad

  • Umer bilal, Sargodha

It is really lovable and adorable. I am fond of making salads such as russian salad, indonesian, turkish and polish salads. I make Russian salad the most because it delivers the best taste. It has really no match at all.

  • Ambreen, Lahore

Is no russian is Polish

  • Aga, Inverness