Cinnamon Raisin Pound Cake

Cinnamon raisin pound cake is a treat for your sweet tooth. It is difficult to believe but Cinnamon raisin pound cake only takes 20 minutes to make. You just have to have some cinnamon and raisins in your kitchen to make Cinnamon raisin pound cake. You can give a little flavor of coffee to Cinnamon raisin pound cake. Cinnamon raisin pound cake is super easy to make and also very tasty to serve. It is best to serve with tea or coffee. This amazing recipe is compiled by none other than Chef Zarnak Sidhwa.
The amazing taste of cinnamon takes Cinnamon raisin pound cake to another level. Cinnamon raisin pound cake is a soft cake. Cinnamon raisin pound cake is very presentable in front of the guests. Cinnamon raisin pound cake is a very delightful recipe. You can also add chocolate chips to Cinnamon raisin pound cake. Cinnamon raisin pound cake is the best to have at any time. Hope you find the recipe for Cinnamon raisin pound cake very well.

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flour 3 3/4 cup
raisins 2 tbsp
salt 1 tbsp
unsalted butter 200 g
sugar 2 cups
vanilla essence 1 tsp
eggs 9
ground cinnamon 2 tbsp
for topping:
icing sugar 2 cups
milk 4-5 tbsp
How to make Cinnamon Raisin Pound Cake


Mix flour and sugar together.
In a bowl, whisk together butter and sugar untill fluffy. Now add eggs and beat well. Mix the flour in the batter.
Half the batter and add cinnamon powder in one half of the batter and fold.
Put the cake batter in a mould and then add the other half in the middle. Give it a marble texture.
put the raisins in the cake and bake it at 180 degrees for 60 minutes or until the stick inserted come out clean.
For topping, mix together sugar and milk untill creamy. Decorate the cake with it.
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