Chane ki Daal ka Halwa Recipe in Urdu

Chane ki Daal ka Halwa
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Chane ki Daal ka Halwa vidhi

Chany ki dal …..1 KG
Cheeni ….Sawa Kilo
Ghee ….3 Cup
Alaichi (pisi hui)….6 Adad
Kishmish , badam (Katy huy)….12,12 adad
Doodh ya pani …..dal galany k liay

Banane ki tarkeeb

Dal ko dho kar bhigo dain.
3 ghanty baad pani ya doodh main gala lain.
Pani khushk ho jay to pees lain.
Ghee garam kr kr alaichi ka bighar dain.
Ab dal dal kr khoob bhonain.
Anch darmyani rakhain. Chamach chalati rahain.
Dal khushbo dene lagy to cheeni dal dain.
Cheeni ka pani khushk hony lagy to badam , kishmish dal dain. Pani khushk ko jay aur ghee alag hony lagy to utar lain.kai din rakhna ho to darmayan main aik dafa zaror garam krain yani dobara bhoon kr thanda kr lain.
Agar halka garam kar k utar lia gaya to jald kharab hone ka andaisha hai

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چنے کی دال کا حلوا

چنے کی دال ایک کلو
چینی سوا کلو
گھی تین کپ
الائچی پسی ہوئی چھ عدد
کشمش بادام کٹے ہوئے 12,12 عدد
دودھ یا پانی دال گلانے کیلئے
دال کو دھو کر بھگو دیں۔ 3 گھنٹے بعد پانی یا دودھ میں گلا لیں۔ پانی خشک ہو جائے تو پیس لیں۔ گھی گرم کر کے الائچی کا بگھار دیں۔ اب دال ڈال کر خوب بھونیں۔ آنچ درمیانی رکھیں۔ چمچ چلاتی رہیں۔ دال خوشبو دینے لگے تو چینی ڈال دیں۔ چینی کا پانی چینی کا پانی خشک ہونے لگے تو بادام کشمش ڈال دیں۔ پانی خشک ہو جائے اور گھی الگ ہونے لگے تو اتار لیں۔ کئی دن رکھنا ہو تو درمیان میں ایک دفعہ ضرور گرم کر یں۔ یعنی دو بارہ بھون کر ٹھنڈا کر لیں۔ اگر ہلکا گرم کر کے اتار لیا گیا تو جلد خراب ہونے کا اندیشہ ہے۔

Posted By: Yumna, karachi

Find out the Chane ki Daal ka Halwa Recipe in Urdu this is the most easy and traditional cooking recipe in all the Riwaiti Mithaiyan. Chane ki Daal ka Halwa is very famous in desi people. At KFoods you can find Chane ki Daal ka Halwa and all the urdu recipes in a very easiest way.

Chane ki Daal ka Halwa

Chana ki daal halwa recipe is a traditional and healthy dessert belonging from subcontinent. Chana ki daal is cooked with sugar and ghee properly and is beaten properly so that the chickpeas are properly mixed with ghee and sugar and formed into a very thick sticky mixture. Then this mixture is settled in big flat pans and medium sized pieces of halwa are cut in the pan when the halwa is set and a little bit solidified in the pan. Chana ki daal halwa recipe is garnished with dry fruits and silver paper. It is prepared occasionally in the holy month of Shaban and on religious festivals. Chane ki daal halwa recipe can be served to guests at dawat. You can follow the recipe as it is to get perfect taste.

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Turned out just like the one I used to have at my friend's place. My children loved chane ki daal ka halwa! Thanks for posting it.

Nov 16, 2018 Habeeba Multan

This is a very nice and easy recipe for chane ki daal ka halwa. All the pictures also really helped me in making it. It was super tasty. I find this recipe very helpful. I just made a variation that I added some amount of powdered milk in it to make it tastier.

Oct 01, 2018 Saima Shah Khanewal

This is looking so sweet Chane ki Daal ka Halwa Recipe who has the easy method to make it at home with the lots of sweetness and much more things and love the taste.Chane ki Daal ka Halwa Recipe is the delicious dish ever who has the light taste.I try many recipes and I found this recipes is quite easy.

Sep 28, 2018 Rabia Rawalpindi

Whenever I want to have something healthy and fulfilling, I always go for chane ki daal ka halwa. Even though it doesn't sound as much healthy, I always find it the perfect fit for dessert choice during dinner or with my favorite masala chai.

Sep 12, 2018 fazal Noor hyderabad

wow, I love sweet dishes and my mother always makes chane ki daal ka halwa on different occasions and unique and delicious style.

Feb 23, 2018 hira memon Karachi

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