Afghani Pulao

Afghani Pulao recipe is a savory cuisine that carries a central Asian culture with it. Afghani Pulao is not only filled with a huge variety of ingredients but it also easy to make and is a dish that is mainly made during festivals. Afghani Pulao recipe is often combined with cabbage, cauliflower, carrots and a beautiful variety of nuts. Afghani pulao was also known as Kabuli pulao is a national dish of Afghanistan and along with the amazing khichri and the exquisite pulao hari moong daal and the classic National Pulao Masala.
After making the Afghani Pulao recipe, serve the delicacy with garnished raisins and carrots to give more color to the healthy treat. Just like Kashmiri pulao, Afghani Pulao masala also holds many health benefits which are also very delicious to try during this Ramzan. Foodies can also garnish Afghani Pulao recipe with crushed pistachios and almonds. Although Afghani Pulao recipe in Urdu is not something that’s made regularly, it’s a festival delicacy that is sure to turn heads during this holy month. It’s rich and easy to digest. While it’s a complete main course, if Afghani Pulao recipe is made with vegetables, a side dish like borani banjan or some other vegetable side dishes such as potato cutlet could result to be amazing.

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• Rice-2 cups
• Chicken-1/2 pound
• Onion-1 small sliced
• Ginger/garlic-finely and freshly chopped. i do not use paste coz i believe it ruins the flavour
• Cumin powder-1/2 ysp
• Cloves-2-3
• Cinammon-2-3
• Cardamom-2
• salt-to taste

• Graated carrots
• Almonds
• Pistacho
• Raisins
How to make Afghani Pulao


1. Boil rice separately
2. In a pan fry sliced onion, ginger/garlic and all above listed ingredients togetehr with chicken.
3. Cook for a while, let the flavour of everything get blend to the chicken
4. Add Rice when half cooked
5. Let it cook on a low heat
6. Now Use Tadka with above ingredients at last.
7. Enjoy Now
Afghani Pulao ka Chawal Kehlay Kehlay honey Chaiya.
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I commonly like a taste of Afghani Pulao and it is very great recipe and i remember my mum hand is to made this dish very yummy pulao

  • Lubna rajput,

The Afghani pulao is so delicious pulao that can makes with the lots of ingredients and the many more masala so now I can easily make to follow this recipe

  • kashaf, karachi

afghani pulao is a yummy and delicious dish but with raita is tastier.

  • hania raees, karachi

Afghani Pulao is a very delicious dish. Afghani Pulao is most famous in Pakistan. I went with friends for this Afghani Pulao in every weekend in different restaurants. But now, i cook this Afghani Pulao in home in delicious taste through your effort. Thank you....

  • Kainat, Haripur

you should have given complete detailed recipe its just few quick lines without proper detail

  • Farrukh Masood, Rawalpindi