Fruit Price list Faisalabad 2024

Today, find out the latest fruit prices listFaisalabad with our easy to use price list. We update it regularly to give you insights into the current rates for various fruits in Faisalabad. Whether you're shopping for yourself or your business, our list helps you make informed choices. Count on us to keep you in the loop about the freshest fruit prices across Pakistan.

Fruits Rate in Faisalabad Today Mar 2024 | پھلوں کے نرخ

Fruits English Name Fruits Urdu Name Minimum Rate/ 1Kg Maximum Rate / 1Kg
Apple (Kala Kolo) Awal سیب (Saib) Rs-255 Rs-265
Apple (Kala Kolo) Dom سیب Rs-145 Rs-150
Apple (Kala Kolo) Som سیب (Saib Rs-105 Rs-110
Apple (Gacha) Awal سیب Rs-195 Rs-205
Apple (Gacha) Dom سیب (Saib) Rs-120 Rs-125
Apple (Gacha) Som سیب Rs-85 Rs-90
Apple (Kala Kolo Midani) Awal سیب Rs-130 Rs-135
Apple (Kala Kolo Midani) Dom سیب Rs-85 Rs-90
Apple (Kala Kolo Midani) Som سیب Rs-80 Rs-85
Apple (White) Awal سیب Rs-155 Rs-160
Apple (White) Dom سیب Rs-80 Rs-85
Apple (White) Som سیب (Saib) Rs-55 Rs-60
Banana (Special) کیلا (Kela) Rs-235 Rs-250
Banana (Darja) Awal کیلا Rs-120 Rs-125
Banana (Darja) Dom کیلا Rs-90 Rs-95
Banana (Darja) Som کیلا (Kela) Rs-65 Rs-70
Guava امرود (Amrood) Rs-135 Rs-140
Pomegranate انار (Anar) Rs-560 (Anar Badana) Rs-340 (Anar Kandhri) Rs-580 (Anar Badana) Rs-355 (Anar Kandhri)
Coconut ناریل (Nariyal) Rs-290 Rs-300
Gandyri گنڈیری Rs-74 Rs-78
Musami مسمی Rs-80 Rs-85
Papita پپیتا Rs-195 Rs-205
Khajoor کھجور Rs-470 (Arani) Rs-490 (Arani)
Graps (Tafi) انگور (Angoor) Rs-260 Rs-270
Graps (Sundar Khani) انگور (Angoor) Rs-335 Rs-350
Beeju Melon بیجو گرما ( Beeju Garma ) Rs- 216 1kg Rs- 216 1kg
Water Melon China Tarbooz - تربوز 40 per Kg 100 per Kg

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