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Find milk rate today in Pakistan, We provide all the updated details related to latest milk price in Pakistan Today. As of December 2023, the current price of fresh milk per liter is between Rs.180 to RS.250 but these prices may vary according to different cities and their areas. Check daily updated Fresh Cow Milk in Pakistan's different cities here at kfoods.


1 Litre Fresh Cow Milk Price In Pakistan 2023

Fresh cow milk, priced at Rs. 165 per litre in Pakistan, reflects the challenges faced by the local dairy industry. The scarcity of milk from Pakistani cows, coupled with surging domestic demand, has driven up costs. To address this issue and make fresh cow milk more affordable, government initiatives aimed at boosting domestic cow milk production are essential.

1 Liter Fresh Milk Rate Today in Pakistan 2023 City Rate
Milk Rate Today in Lahore Rs 165 to Rs.250 Per liter
Milk Rate Today in Karachi Rs 165 to Rs.280 Per liter
Milk Rate Today in Islamabad Rs 165 to Rs.290 Per liter
Milk Rate Today in Rawalpindi Rs.190 to Rs.220 Per liter
Milk Rate Today in Peshawar Rs 165 to Rs.250 Per liter
Milk Rate Today in Gujranwala Rs 165 to Rs.250 Per liter

Milk Price In Pakistan:

Milk pricing in Pakistan is influenced by a multitude of factors, encompassing production, transportation, and distribution costs. The country's dairy industry operates under stringent government regulations, with milk prices being officially established.

Consequently, Pakistan experiences a wide spectrum of milk product prices throughout its regions. Generally, milk prices in Pakistan are more affordable than those in many other countries, primarily due to cost-effective production methods. Nonetheless, recent years have witnessed a gradual increase in milk prices, paralleling the growing demand for dairy products.

To counter this price surge, the Pakistani government has implemented a price floor, which has played a role in stabilizing the market. Nevertheless, the long-term solution lies in boosting domestic milk production. Achieving this goal entails investments in modern dairy farms, advanced technologies, and subsidies to support farmers. By bolstering domestic production, Pakistan can reduce its reliance on imported milk and ensure that its populace can access reasonably priced dairy products.

Current Milk Price for 1 Litre in Pakistan

Based on recent findings, the average price for 1 litre of milk in Pakistan currently ranges from Rs. 160 to Rs. 250. This pricing fluctuates based on factors like the milk's type (such as desi or Jersey) and the region it's purchased in. Nevertheless, dairy farmers in Pakistan often grapple with thin profit margins, grappling with challenges such as inadequate government support and high feed costs.

Consequently, many small-scale farmers find themselves compelled to sell their milk at prices even lower than production costs to make ends meet. To support local dairy farmers, consumers can opt to purchase milk directly from them or select dairy products sourced from small-scale farms. By consciously choosing ethically sourced dairy products, we can play a part in enhancing the livelihoods of Pakistani dairy farmers and contribute to a more sustainable food system.

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