Raw banana: (khaam kelay)

Raw banana meaning in Urdu is khaam kelay and is a tropical Vegetables celebrated for its unique flavor and color. In Urdu, Raw banana "khaam kelay" is referred to as "خام کیلے" This delicious Vegetables is cherished for its nutritional value and versatility in culinary delights.

Raw banana Also known asKaccha kela, Vaayaka, Plantain Banana.Raw bananas/ Plantains belong to the banana family but tend to be firmer and cannot be eaten raw. They require cooking and are used when green or under ripe. They are a staple food in tropical regions of the world and are used in varied ways like steamed, fried etc. They are referred to as "potatoes of the Caribbean" since they resemble in flavour.The peel of raw bananas doesn't come off easily and thus has to be peeled off mostly using a peeler or a knife. Do note that the juice from peeling the plant can stain clothing and when it sticks to the hand, it is difficult to remove. Thus, always oil your hands lightly before peeling and chopping raw bananas.

Raw banana meaning in Urdu:

Raw banana known in Pakistan and India as khaam kelay, and it's meaning in Urdu is "خام کیلے". Where English translation of khaam kelay is Raw banana.

khaam kelay meaning in English

The word khaam kelay meaning in English is "Raw banana", Words often carry multiple meanings in English but the accurate translation of "khaam kelay" is "Raw banana" In Urdu, it is written as "خام کیلے". Similar words to "khaam kelay" are often used in everyday conversations.

Raw banana Price :

The price of Raw banana (khaam kelay) may vary depending on the brand and quantity.

Frequently Asked Questions on Raw banana

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Raw banana:

What is meaning of Raw banana in Urdu?

Raw banana Meanings in Urdu is known as "خام کیلے".

What is khaam kelay meaning in English?

khaam kelay in English is "Raw banana".

What is the price of Raw banana?

The price of Raw banana may vary depending on the brand and quantity.

How should Raw banana be stored?

Raw banana should be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. This helps maintain their freshness and prevents them from becoming stale.

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