Beetel leaves (Paan Ka Patta)

Meaning In English

Beetel leaves are the leaf of the betel plant which is an evergreen and perennial creeper. It has heart shaped leaves and varies in colour with shades of green. It is cultivated mostly in South India and South East Asia. There are various types of leaves, the most popular being: Calcutta, Banarasi, Magahi, Venmony, Tirur etc.

100g Betel Leaves

Calories Fat Sodium Protein
61 0 g 0mg 6 g

Beetel leaves (Paan Ka Patta)

Health Benefits of Beetel leaves

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Its very common item that are available easily in the market, thanks for sharing the info about it with the best and top healthy benefits.. My grand mother said that its good for the cough... use it with light khatha twice in a day for the better result.. Thanks

Apr 29, 2015 Warda Rehman Karachi

Please also share the different types of Beetel leaves with their details as you shared, thanks.

Mar 19, 2015 Mumtaz Qadri Islamabad