Mixed farsan Meaning in English

Mixed farsan refers to a mixture of roasted or fried ingredients like chiwda(rice flakes), papdi(salted fried gram flour cookies),cornflakes, peanuts, roasted moth beans, dried fruits,salt and spices. Farsan is popular snacking item in Gujarati and Rajasthani cuisine. They are readily available in the market or can also be prepared at home. Deep fry the cornflakes in hot oil till crisp but not brown. Drain and place in wide plate. Repeat for cornflakes. Next fry the peanuts, curry leaves, cashew, raisins, green chillies one at a time. Drain all well. Add to the fried flakes. Sprinkle all the other ingredients over the flakes. Mix well till masala is evenly coated, with hands. Commercially mixed farsan is available in different variation like Navratan farsaan, Chana Dal, Dal-Sev Mixed, Masala Peanuts, American Chips, Masala Channa, Chillies Gathiya , etc.Store the mixed farsan in airtight container and serve with beverages of choice as snacks.


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