Keep Meat Fresh

Keep Meat Fresh
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اگر گو شت زیادہ ہے اور آپ اسے تازہ ر کھنا چاہیتی ہیں - تو گو شت کو ا یک باریک بھیگے ہو ئے کپڑے میں لپیٹ کر فریزر میں ر کھھ د یں - گو شت تازہ ر ہے گا -

Just after purchase meat from the butcher, do you know! That how you can keeps it tasting like it was slaughtered just yesterday? If no then don’t worry here is a tip that how can you store meat for long time.
If you want to keep the meat fresh then wrap it with thin & wet cloth and put it info the frizer. Meat will be fresh.

Gosht ko Taza Rakhnay ka tarika | the best way to preserve meat

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