Herbal Cough Tea

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Herbal Cough Tea
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اُبلے ہوئے پانی میںاملتاس شامل کرلیں، پھر ملیٹھی کا پاﺅڈر شامل کرلیں، سونٹھ کو شامل کرلیں اور تھوڑی دیر تک پکائیں ۔ ہربل چائے تیار ہے

Cough Medicinal Herbs Tips | best tea for a cough | Khansi k liye Chaye

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amaltas and soonth ye 2 ingredients kahan se milay ge? recipe asan hai or side effects bhe nahe is k

  • Sabahat, Feb 12, 2016

Superb, aapa your all recommended totkas are very easy to follow and helpful to all of us.. and now i got all of your recipes and totaks here at one place, this totka is very effective also suggested by my mom.

  • Nazia Ahmed, Oct 13, 2015

Very useful tip it is, its a budget remedy that every one can make at home easily, good for all types of cough.. Thanks Hakeem sahab for the best totkas and sharing of very helpful Tib-e-Nabvi S.A.W...

  • Shehrish Shehzad, Apr 29, 2015