Without Oven Cake Banane Ka Tarika

Without Oven Cake Banane Ka Tarika
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ایک پتیلی میں بجری شامل کریں اور ڈھک کر پندرہ منٹ تک تیز آنچ پر گرم کریں۔پندرہ منٹ ڈھک ہٹا کر جس پین میں آپ نے بیٹر بنایا ہے وہ اُس پتیلی میں رکھ کر دوبارہ ڈھک دیںاور آنچ ہلکی کرلیں یہ یقین کرلیں کہ ہیٹ کہیں سے کافی زیادہ باہر نہ نکل رہی ہو (ہلکی ہلکی نکلتی رہے ) ۔ چالیس سے پینتالیس منٹ بعد اسے دیکھیں آپ کا کیک تیار ہو جائے گا۔

Without Oven Cake Banane Ka Tarika recipe I have shown you simple & easy cake recipes and also shown you how to convert your regular cooking pot into pressure cooker or oven for baking and bake lots of things without oven. So let's learn how to make cake without oven or no oven step by step easily at home by Kfoods.

Without Oven Cake Banane Ka Tarika cake without stove with detailed Urdu recipe. Generally cake plans are set up in regular preparing broiler with a controlled dry warmth. be that as it may, purchasing a stove can be an immense speculation and all the more critically Pakistan cooking for the most part doesn't include preparing process. thus this formula is for the individuals who desire for essential cake and might want to investigate their choices with pressure cooker.

Without Oven Cake - In the event that you don't approach a broiler or would prefer not to turn your stove on during sweltering climate, you can at present appreciate custom made cake by using an elective cooking technique. Probably the least demanding, most normal alternatives incorporate steaming, slow cooking, and microwaving. Without Oven Cake Banane Ka Tarika recipe is a very popular recipe for kfoods.

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Cook Cake Without Using Oven | Without Oven Cake Recipe

In Chef Asad Cooking Tips section you can check Without Oven Cake Banane Ka Tarika in most easiest way. Find Without Oven Cake Banane Ka Tarika in urdu totkay only at kfoods. At this page you can find Without Oven Cake Banane Ka Tarika totka in details also check the relevant totkay in Urdu of Without Oven Cake Banane Ka Tarika.

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