Blackhead Khatam Karny Ka Tareka By Dr Bilquis !

Blackhead Khatam Karny Ka Tareka By Dr Bilquis !
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ایک کھانے کے چمچے لیموں کے عرق میں ایک چٹکی بورک پاؤڈر اور ایک چٹکی چینی ملا کر ایک بوتل میں ڈال لیں اور کچھ دنوں کے لیے چھوڑ دیں- اس کو چہرے کی جھائیوں اور بلیک ہیڈز پر لگائیں دور ہوجائیں گے-
ایلوویرا جیل٬ گاجر کا رس اور ٹماٹر کا گودہ لے کر پیسٹ بنا لیں اور اسے رات سونے سے پہلے چہرے پر لگائیں اور صبح گرم پانی سے دھو لیں-

Blackheads are one of the common problems that experienced by many of young people. Blackheads are the result of oily skin and blocked pores. You can easily get rid of blackheads by using ingredients from your kitchen. Here is an easy tip in urdu for removing blackheads - Blackhead Khatam Karny Ka Tareka by Dr Bilquis so let’s try it now and give your views.

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How to remove blackheads and brown spots from the face:

Tip No. 1
Take one teaspoon lemon juice and add one pinch boric powder and one pinch sugar with it. Then pour this solution into an empty bottle and leave for some days. Later 4 to 5 days, apply the solution on brown spots and blackheads of your face and they will be gone.
Tip No. 2
Take aloe vera gel, tomato pulp and carrot juice, mix them and make the paste. Apply the paste on face before going to sleep and wash in the morning with warm water.

Homemade Blackheads Tips | Blackheads Treatment By Dr Bilqees

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Mara hands and foots ka colour bht khrab h plz koi home remedy btye fair krny k liye

Oct 02, 2016 maryam

Wow ! 50% Its working... I just use it for 2, 3 weeks and feels the difference, satisfied because no any side effects by using it.. thanks for sharing the good and helpful info here..

Sep 08, 2015 Mariyam Jamal

Dr.bilquis under eye wrinkles ki koi easy tip batayein jis ce khatam ho jayein or nose pr open pores ko khatam krne k liye bhi koi remedy bata dein plz

Apr 07, 2015 Sadaf