Cream Cheese Faluda Recipe

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VermIcellies 2 cup
Cream Cheese 1 bottle
Khoya 250 gms
Kulfi 4
Green Syrup 4 tbsp
Red Syrup 4 tbsp
Jelly 1 packet
Milk 2 cup
Tukh Malanga (soaked) 1 tsp
Cardamom Powder 1 pinch
Sugar ½ cup
PineApple 1 cup
Ice as required

How to make Cream Cheese Faluda


• In a pan, boil milk add sugar, cardamom powder and cook.
• When boil comes, removes from the stove add cream cheese, khoya and beat well and leave to cool.
• After this, in glass pour vermicellies, milk mixture, soaked tukh malanga, as required ice and kulfi.
• Now pour green syrup and red syrup.
• Garnish with pineapple and serve.

Chef Rida Aftab Posted By: Maryam, Karachi

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If you are looking for a different and unique dessert which will look good too, here you find the most relaxing recipe for Creamcheese faluda. This recipe for Creamcheese faluda will help you to make the best unique dessert you ever wanted. Creamcheese faluda has two flavors mixed which makes it tastier. The flavor of cream cheese gives a mild taste to Creamcheese faluda.
Creamcheese faluda is a rich creamy dessert. Creamcheese faluda contains faluda and milk which makes it healthy for children. Kids love to have colorful desserts and Creamcheese faluda is the best option to make for them.
Creamcheese faluda is very tangy sweet dessert. Serve it chilled to get better reviews. Creamcheese faluda is lighter than other cheesecakes. Creamcheese faluda can be served in the evenings. You can also enjoy Creamcheese faluda in winters. Children also like Creamcheese faluda. You can also add strawberry chunks in Creamcheese faluda or decorate with chocolate chips. Hope you find this recipe for Creamcheese faluda very easy.


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