Chocolate Cake Recipe

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• 1/4 cup Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
• 1-1/2 cup All-Purpose Flour
• 1 tbsp Vinegar
• 1 tsp Vanilla
• 1 cup Sugar
• 1 tsp Baking Soda
• 1/2 tsp Salt
• 1/3 cup Oil
• 1 cup Water

How to make Chocolate Cake


• Mix together all the dry ingredients in a bowl.
• Mix liquid ingredients in a separate bowl and combine it with dry ingredients.
• Stir the mixture with a wire whisk until well mixed.
• Grease an eight-inch baking pan.
• Pour the prepared mixture into the pan.
• Bake for about 45 minutes at 350 degree F.
• Top with ice cream and serve.

Posted By: Saad Mehmood, Islamabad

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Reviews & Comments (19)

Aisha - Faisalabad Mar 05, 2017
Chocolate Cake is a very delicious recipe. It is available in bakeries. I went with friends in every weekend. But now, i prepare this Chocolate Cake in home in very delicious taste. And enjoyed very well with family and friends. Thank you....
Sahira - Islamabad Jun 15, 2016
chocolate cakes are the eye candies of all of our family members but making it is a big deal. If you are not expert at making cakes, you couldn't serve proudly as it will always flaws. Recently, I heard about a cake workshop in which instructors taught about making fondant cakes. But am looking for chocolate ones bcz this is my always favorite cake.
Shabnam - Bahawalpur Apr 14, 2016
nice cake. can you give me mug cake recipe. I am looking for authentic recipe. thanks
saba - karachi Apr 21, 2012
noureen - karachi Jan 28, 2012
i really love chocolate cake.


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Chocolate cake is the birthday favourite, choice of kids, heart of the party, and also admired by elders. is glad to present an easy recipe to prepare a delicious chocolate sponge cake. Here it is!


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