Chicken Reshmi Kebab Recipe

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Chicken mince (lean with minimal fat) 1 kg
• Onion 1 large
Coriander 1 bunch
Green chillies (finely chopped) 4-5
Coconut flakes (roasted and powdered) 2 tbsp
Almonds (roasted and powdered) 1 tbsp
Poppy seeds (khush khush) roasted and powdered 1 tbsp
Cumin seeds (roasted and crushed) 1 tsp
• All spIce powder 1 tsp
• Green Cardamom (elaichi) powder 1/2 tsp
Salt as required
• Egg 1
Ghee or Butter 2 tbsp
Ginger and Garlic paste 2 tbsp
Bread slIces soaked in Water and excess Water gently squeezed out 2

How to make Chicken Reshmi Kebab


In a food processor add all above mentioned ingredients.
Blend so that the mixture is very fine.
Let the mixture rest for 20-30 minutes
Soak skewers in water, or oil chopsticks.
Make long kebab shapes with the skewers.
For oven: Line up the kebabs on a foiled oven pan and brush with ghee/oil.
For pan fry: Heat oil in a pan, and cook each kebab.
For grill: Cook over barbecue, brushing with oil and turning as each side is cooked.
Serve reshmi kebabs with chutney and naan.
Note: You can replace chicken with boneless fish fillets.

Chef Tahira Mateen Posted By: Farzana,

How to Make Chicken Reshmi Kabab Recipe - Summarized Method:

  • Blend all ingredients in a food processor until it becomes a fine mixture.
  • Place mixture aside for half an hour and soak skewers in water.
  • Form elongated kebabs with the chicken mixture around the skewers.
  • Now bake kababs in oven, fry in oil or cook over the grill.
  • Reshmi kebabs are ready to serve. Enjoy with ketchup and green mint chutney.

Reshmi Kabab Recipe by Chef Tahira Mateen

Reshmi chicken kabab is one of the most popular Pakistani kababs. Having it devised by Chef Tahira Mateen makes it more authentic and perfect. Selection of ingredients in the recipe makes it more delicious and a top choice over other kebabs. Being almost similar to malai kabab recipe, it becomes an obvious selection when you are looking for some great thing to make with chicken mince.

More Reshmi Recipes:

Most kabab recipes consist of beef and mutton but here we tell you the superb reshmi kabab recipe which is made with minced chicken and various other spices. It's main ingredients include onions, coconut flakes, bread slices, poppy seeds, cardamom, ginger garlic paste and other spices that are usual part of the recipe.

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raza khanzadaa - hyderabad Apr 18, 2018
This is the best reshmi kabab recipe as I watched on kfoods it is very easy to make and best one. I will make it for my whole family and I hope it is one of the great dishes I have made. I hope everyone would love to eat it.
najma - lahore Mar 31, 2018
I like chiken reshmi kebab and I always make this dish in my home thanks for sharing.
Ramsha - Sukkur Nov 26, 2017
Hi, thanks for the recipe. I will make it for myself and my husband. I make different foods that I haven't yet enjoyed so and my husband is very happy with this habit of mine. This way we keep eating lovable foods and newer tastes.
Sehrish - Lahore Nov 20, 2017
Thank you it is a nice reshmi kebab and I was surprised to see its ingredients seeing chicken in the list. As I thought that reshmi kababs are made with beef mince however this would be a great experience to me. Thanks for sharing it.
Rozina - Rahim Yar Khan Nov 12, 2017
can we make reshmi kabab with beef or mutton? just like we make shami kabab with beef and chicken as well, can you recommend me about this? I would be willing to try this myself. These days I have a fever of cooking that's why I am looking for various cooking options.


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Chicken Reshmi Kebab recipe is a Mughlai dish which hails from India. Chicken Reshmi Kebab recipe is a tasty barbeque dish made with minced chicken. It gets its name ‘Reshmi’ from the tenderness of the meat after prolonged marinating and light braising. Minced chicken is marinated with onion, green chilies, coriander, poppy seeds, all spices, salt, and egg for a perfect taste. Small size kebab patties are made out of the mixture. Chicken Reshmi Kebab recipe is usually grilled on a charcoal fire or even on frying pan.
Chicken Reshmi Kebab recipe is served hot with green chili chutney or ketchup along with Naan or Chapatti. It is a perfect dish to serve for Barbeque party. You can even make them for Eid party or during Ramadan as an Iftar item. You can even make Chicken Reshmi Kebab recipe in advance and freeze them for future use. This recipe can be made for suddenly arriving guests or for hi-tea parties as well. This recipe is commonly found on the barbeque menu of every leading Pakistani restaurant. You can make it at home following this unique recipe. offers here an authentic recipe for succulent Reshmi Kebabs recipe by Chef Tahira Mateen. Enjoy this juicy, extra-tender, soft and velvety Kabab tonight with Naan and salad.


Chicken Reshmi Kabab Step by Step Recipe

Chicken Reshmi Kabab Step by Step Recipe

30 Oct 2016
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