Anika Atif

Anika Atif is a seasoned culinary genius who's left an unforgettable impression on the world of food. With decades of experience, the culinary journey is a mix of creativity, passion, and hard work. From fancy gourmet creations to reinvented comfort classics, Anika Atif's wide range of dishes shows off his incredible skills. Anika Atif is not only inspired many young chefs but also brought joy to countless taste buds. In the kitchen, he's a true master.

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Anika Atif is formerly from Karachi, Pakistan. Her family and friends love to entitle her as “Neeku.” She used up her early infancy life in Nigeria, lived for a short time in the UK after marriage ahead of moving to Dubai earlier this year.

Even though complete tomboys get up in her teenage, cooking was also her infatuation since the very beginning. She caught this encouragement from her father. Anika Atif has not taken any proper cooking training or went to any culinary institutes, but she relied on her gift for testing with diverse ingredients and ideas. While living in Paksitan, Anika was preferred by Masala TV, a foremost Pakistani Cooking channel, to host a show called “Temptations” that totally based on desserts and drinks. Since having moved to Dubai, Khaleej Times Weekend magazine have published a collection of her recipes. In October 2010, Anika won the second season of the Chef at Home competition.

Anika Atif considers that given the arrival of fast food ethnicity and hectic schedules, cooking has turned out to be a disappearing art among the women of our society. She is enthusiastic to perk up the art of cooking, and is continually attempting to arise with new and unique recipes that are quick, uncomplicated and hale and hearty.

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