Naan Recipes

Naan recipe is one of the common Asian bread recipes that are regularly cooked to have the meal with. In Pakistan and India, naan is a frequently cooked food item eaten with curries and gravy foods. A popular food have had with naans is cholay dish; famous as naan cholay, it is very famous food in several Pakistani cities especially in Lahore.

Some of the famous naan recipes in Pakistani and Indian cuisines are tandoori naan recipe, Peshawari naan recipe, butter naan recipe, garlic naan recipe and keema stuffed naan recipe. lists different naan recipes in Urdu from Pakistani culinary from the desks of top notch chefs of Pakistan.

Naan recipe is almost similar with a roti recipe however there are some differences. Naan is thick, sometimes stuffed, heavier than roti and cooked in tandoor or oven whereas roti is thin, light-weight, cooked on tawa or a pan and not usually stuffed. here presents different recipes for your consideration. Enjoy making naans at home.

Naan Recipes Reviews

keema naan is my favorite , i make dam ka keema and fill naan with it. Which keema do you use? I have to try now your keema naan and I will share my feedback about it. Thanks for sharing it. I have to make keema pizza as well.

  • Raheela, Swat
  • Nov 27, 2017

Thanks for the recipe. It gave me an idea of enjoying keema anew, stylish and appetizing way. We cook keema almost every week , but I want innovation and newer tastes in my favorite foods. Thanks and if you have more keema ideas, please share with me.

  • Tania, Sialkot
  • Nov 21, 2017

keema naan is good option for enjoying delicious foods with it. I prefer eating it with raita, or some vegetables and achar. It gives a very great taste. and It can also be eaten without any salan but you would need a succulent thing to accompany with it.

  • Tahira, Khanewal
  • Nov 13, 2017