Bihari Kabab Recipe

Bihari kabab is the main dish of barbeque. Learn complete recipe of bihari kabab and make it so tasty that you will forget the restaurants where you have eaten it before. Whenever Eid ul Azha comes, people keep the meat dedicated for bar b que and especially for bihari kababs. This time with meat you would also have this recipe by - See recipe, keep it and enjoy scrumptious kababs at times.

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To Prep
To Cook


2.00 kilograms Beef pasanda (thin slIced)
2.00 Teaspoons Coriander powder
2.00 Teaspoon red pepper powder
2.00 Teaspoons Garam masala powder
2.00 medium Onions paste
4.00 tablespoon mustard Oil
1.00 cup yogurt
2.00 medium onion slIced
0.00 As per taste Salt
1.00 scopes Papaya (raw ) ground

How to make Bihari Kabab


When you buy Pasandas get them thin sliced about 2-3 inches wide 4 inches in length.

Two medium onions that you have sliced should be fried brown and crushed by hand.
Now mix well all the ingredients and beef with your hand.
Leave to marinate for about 6-8 hours in the fridge.

Then put the meat in the skewers (folded in layers).
Close held together.
Put the meat over heated charcoal turning it regularly till meat is barbecued from all the sides.

Serve it hot with paratha and raita.

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Reviews & Comments (96)

rani - Malir Jun 29, 2017
Brilliantly superb……. I have gone crazy after making these Bihari kabab. I mean it was limitlessly delicious and tasty. Thank you so much for this outstanding recipe.
isha - Islamabad Jun 19, 2017
biharii kabab is my favorite type of food but I used to cook through a different way. Last time I tried this one and it was even easier than mine. Thanks for the easy recipe
Naina - Khi Jun 13, 2017
Some people are die heart kabab lovers that they always eat kabab only. So this recipe for making Bihari kabab is for them I think.
Sahina - lahore Jun 01, 2017
I have heard a lot about Bihari kaba but never tried them myself, so now I will be trying them myself and will send this to my neighbors too.
Aalia - Abbottabad May 24, 2017
I used to think that it is very tough job to make Bihari kabab but after trying this recipe, I have completely altered my opinions about preparing Bihari kababs.


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