Zinger Burger Step By Step Recipe - Maza Esa Jo Rukny Na Dy

Chicken Breast Slices

Ingredients for marinating chicken breast slices: vinegar, soy sauce, crushed black pepper, salt and Chinese salt

Ingredients for Coating Mixture
All purpose flour, corn flour, rice flour, salt, Chinese salt, white chilli powder, and garlic powder

Mixture of Eggs and Coating

Coat chicken breast slices with coating mixture and with eggs mixture

Now deep fry chicken breast slices on low flame

Chicken breast slices are ready

Add ketchup, mayonnaise, salad leaf or lettuce and chicken in buns and prepare the zinger burger

Serve the zinger with coleslaw, tomato ketchup and french fries

Zinger Burger

Chicken Breast Marination:

  1. Chicken breast ... 7 pieces

  2. Vinegar ... half cup

  3. Soya Sauce ... 3 table spoons

  4. Chinese Salt ... 1 table spoon

  5. Black Pepper ... 1/2 tea spoon

  6. Salt .... as per taste

  7. Oil .... for wings Fry

Coating Mixture

  1. All purpose Flour ... 250g

  2. Corn Flour ... 2 table spoons

  3. Rice Flour ... 2 table spoons

  4. Salt ... 1 tea spoon

  5. Chinese Salt ... 1 table Spoon

  6. White Pepper powder ... 1 table spoon

  7. Garlic powder ... 1 table spoon

Egg's Mixture

  1. Egg ... 1

  2. Water ... 5 table spoons

Zinger Burger Method

  1. Wash chicken breast well with water..

  2. Add vinegar, soy sauce, crushed black pepper, salt and Chinese salt and mix. Marinate chicken breast pieces into this mixture for 2 to 3 hours.

  3. For coating mixture, add all purpose flour (maida), corn flour, rice flour, salt, Chinese salt, white chili powder and garlic powder and mix.

  4. Add water with egg and make its mixture.

  5. Mix chicken breast in coating mixture very well. Then dip chicken breast pieces well into the egg batter. Then remove chicken pieces from egg batter and mix with coating mixture well. You need to press chicken breasts into coating mixture well so chicken is coated completely with the mixture.

  6. Heat oil in a pan. When oil is hot, add chicken breasts in the pans and deep fry on low flame.

  7. When one of it's sides is fried to golden brown color, revert it to other side for frying completely.

  8. Fry all chicken pieces this way.

  9. Take a bun, apply ketchup on one inner half and mayonnaise on second inner half. Then place chicken piece, salad leaf or ice berg and prepare the zinger burger.

  10. Now serve with coleslaw, tomato ketchup and French fries.

Zinger Burger Step By Step Recipe - Maza Esa Jo Rukny Na Dy | Zinger burger is the popular fast food preferred by masses around the world due to its crispy and delicious bite. The recipe of Zinger Burger gained fame from the famous international fast food chain, and later it became the favorite diet of the world. Enjoy the crispy Zinger burger with yummy coleslaw anytime anywhere. Find out how to prepare this delicious recipe in few easy steps.

Zinger Burger Step By Step Recipe Maza Esa Jo Rukny Na Dy

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  • Haleema, Kohat

Zinger burger is one of my favorite snacks and of course, my son loves it a lot too. Although I make sure to keep the servings in minimum due to a high amount of fat, he just comes running every time I make it.

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i just want to confirm the ratio of quantities of all purpose flour, corn flour & rice flour. for example if we take one cup of all purpose flour so how much rice flour and corn flour should be added. i did not get the texture of outer covering like urs. pls guide me.

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why we call ZINGER BURGER.....???????????

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Zinger Burger Step By Step Recipe - Maza Esa Jo Rukny Na Dy

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