Milk to Foods Conversion Guide

1. Converting Milk to Yogurt

dahi banane ka tarika

If you frequently need yogurt, the best way to get it is to make it from the milk. It doesn't require day-long steps, just require a little work and makes fresh homemade yogurt for you.
Here is the process of converting milk to yogurt

2. Making Butter from Raw Milk

making butter from raw milk

You can also make butter from raw milk. And it's the best thing to eat and feed butter to kids which is hygienic and pure. So this is something you must consider making from the milk.
See how to convert milk into butter

3. Making Buttermilk from Milk

buttermilk recipe

Sometimes you need buttermilk for your kids and you get worry, how and where to get it. Let me tell you can make it at home with simple butter.
here is the recipe of making buttermilk.

4. Making Barfi from Milk (Burfi Recipe)

barfi recipe in urdu

Barfi is one of the tastiest sweets. If you like it, you can make it at home just with milk and some other ingredients.
here is how to make barfi with milk

5. Making Desi Ghee from Milk

making desi ghee from milk

Desi ghee has various uses in our routine lives. It can be used for cooking as well as making certain special foods like panjiri. If you are keen to get some desi ghee, but not able to find it, here is the cheapest way to get it for your home.
Desi ghee recipe

In this article, we are going to learn to make various foods from raw milk.

Milk is an everyday grocery and we use it for drinking but you know you can use it to make for many kinds of foods. With raw milk, you can make yogurt, butter, buttermilk, barfi and desi ghee, and yet there are many things you can make with milk, however we are telling you 5 foods in this milk to food conversion guide.

Here is the list of foods to make with milk:

  • Recipe of Yogurt
  • Milk to Butter Recipe
  • Milk to Buttermilk
  • Milk to Barfi
  • Milk to Desi Ghee

Milk To Foods Conversion Guide

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Milk to Foods Conversion Guide

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