Desi Ghee Recipe in Urdu & English

desi ghee
desi ghee recipe
1. Store milk cream everyday in a cup.

desi ghee recipe
2. Add one teaspoon yogurt into the cream for making the yogurt.

Malai Se Ghee Banana in Urdu
3. Add prepared yogurt and chilled water into the blender and make lassi.

4. Beside, keep adding ice cubes; this way butter will start floating over lassi.

how to make desi ghee with cow milk
5. Take out the butter in a bowl, butter is ready.

desi ghee banane ka tarike
6. Put butter into a pan and place on stove for melting.

how to make desi ghee from curd
7. When all butter is melted, and its remaining particles gets browner, take it off the stove.

8. Sift the ghee into a pan or bottle.

desi ghee recipe in english
9. Extracted from pure butter, Pure Desi Ghee is ready!

desi ghee banane ki tarkeeb

Homemade Desi Ghee Recipe (in English)

Preparing Desi Ghee and Butter with Cream


  1. Milk Cream: 1 cup
  2. Yogurt: 1 tablespoon
  3. Ice Water: 2 glasses (chilled)
  4. Ice: 2 to 12 cubes

Method of Butter

  1. Keep storing cream of the normal milk you bring your home. Store cream in a cup or pan everyday. When one cup is full of cream, add one tablespoon yogurt in order to convert cream into yogurt. When yogurt is ready, add it into blender with chilled water and then make lassi. As lassi would be formed, butter would accumulate on the lassi surface.

  2. Additionally, keep adding ice cubes into the lassi because the colder the lassi the faster the butter preparation will be.

  3. When all the butter is gathered over the lassi surface, take it out in a pan. Now butter is completely ready.

Preparation of Pure Ghee


  1. Butter

Method of Pure Ghee

  1. Put butter into a pan and place on stove on light flame.

  2. As butter will be melting, ghee will start to form.

  3. When butter melts completely, solid particles would gather at the bottom of pan.

  4. When those particles get browner and water is dried out of the ghee, take the pan off the stove and sift ghee using a sieve into another pot.

  5. The residue in the sieve is edible. You can eat it whereas the ghee you sifted can be stored in a bottle.

  6. Tasty pure desi ghee is ready!

Note: You can add salt or sugar to the lassi you made earlier, and drink it. And the butter can be used with paratha or bread.

Here you get an ever easy homemade desi ghee recipe in Urdu as well as translated in English. Don't worry to obtain desi ghee anymore. Make it yourself.

Desi Ghee is the actual essence of our foods. People ache for cooking foods in desi ghee but due to it's high cost, they are left with ordinary, low quality oils to cook with. Here is how to make desi ghee at home with step by step pictorial instructions by

After learning this recipe, the option and choice is yours. Whether you make desi ghee yourself at home or buy the same low quality oil to cook food. Let's begin step by step.

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  • Razia - Karachi Nov 27, 2017

    As winter has arrived, now it is time to obtain desi ghee and use it in cooking. I make parathay, eggs, curries and karahi recipes in desi ghee and we all like it very much. It really makes the difference.

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    desi ghee is special item for winters and it is a must to use in our family for making parathas, foods, panjiri and other winter foods. We usually source it from different relatives living in rural areas. However sometimes when I have time, I take interest in making it myself.

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    how to make the purest form of desi ghii? Please help me for preparing a perfect desi ghee because i want to cook foods the healthy way. I have found that usually we have to buy it from very narrow resources, however now I want to make a homemade ghii.

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  • amna - gujranwala Sep 20, 2017

    Kia tetra pack cream se desi ghee ban sakta hai. Like milkpak cream

  • Mrs. Naeem - Karachi Sep 19, 2017

    desi ghee is a must have thing in the home. Some people underestimate desi ghee but I tell everyone cook your foods in it. Desi ghee is healthy and aromatic and it also makes the taste good.

  • Naila - Lahore Sep 12, 2017

    Desi ghee is the best choice for cooking believe me. It infuses taste and aroma in foods; it is healthier as well. I recommend cooking in desi ghee and if you do not find pure desi ghee around you, then make it yourself.

  • Naz - Sadiqabad Sep 08, 2017

    Hi, can I cook all the foods in desi ghee? or just cook paratha or some special kind of foods in it? What's the best practice to use desi ghee? Please someone guide me about it? I will be thankful to her.

  • Huda - Okara Aug 17, 2017

    Can we use desi ghee in all kinds of recipes? I mean we read in some recipes that we need to use cooking oil in marination or making rasmalai etc. , the use of oil other than cooking or frying. I want to use desi ghee because I know it has many benefits to health over commercial oil products available in the market.

  • Nida - Raiwind Aug 08, 2017

    I have heard a lot about the benefits of desi ghee that is why I always seek to manage desi ghee from anywhere. I got this recipe now it seems a wonderful recipe, so I would make it and we all home members will cook all our meals in this ghee.

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  • - May 01, 2017

    Balai utaar kr freezer me rakhain aur jb ghee bnana ho os me dhai dal k fridge sy bahir rakhain pighal jany pe makhan bnaien na tu balaie me sy smell ay ge na ghee me sy Aur makhan ko zeada arsa mehfoz krna ho tu osy b frezer me rakhain smell nhe ay ge

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    Uff, main kab se desi ghee banane ka tarika dhoond rahi thi , ab kahin jaa ke mila hai ye wo bhi Urdu me. thanks a lot , mujhe ye recipe boht pasand aai or ye meri regular requirement bhi hai is liye mai recipe sambhal ke rakh rahi hoon.

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