3 Easy Methods to Make Orange Juice

Method 1: Extracting Orange Juice with Hand Juicer

soften oranges with hands
Make orange softer by rolling it on the table or between your hands

half orange
Cut the orange into two parts and remove seeds using knife tip or with a fork.

making orange juice
Extract the juice using a plain hand juicer.

collect pulp orange with spoon
Collect pulp from the orange and add to the juice if you like. Otherwise enjoy no-pulp clear juice. Add sugar, or black salt as per taste you like.

orange juice ready
Enjoy the delightful fresh orange juice

Method 2: Using Electric Juicer

peel oranges
Peel orange. Cut into small pieces.

orange pieces into juicer
Pass each piece through the juicer.

collect orange juice
Store juice coming out in a glass or a suitable container

Method 3: Using a Food Blender/Processor

peel off oranges
Peel off and then slice oranges into chunks. Remove seeds.

blend oranges in blender
Buzz the blender a couple of times to break up the oranges; then fully run the blender to get the oranges pulped.

add water
Check if it is drinkable, pour it to glass. If it is too thick and dry, add some water. Taste it. If not tasteful, add sweetener or salt to make it tasty.

blend juice with water
Run the processor until it is converted into a liquid drinkable juice.

serve fresh orange juice
Serve the fresh pulpy orange juice and enjoy!

There are many ways to make orange juice at home from which KFoods.com is presenting the 3 easiest ones. We will tell you to extract orange juice in the following 3 ways:

  1. Using Hand Juicer
  2. Using Electric Juicer
  3. With Food Blender or Food Processor

In winters, oranges are eaten vastly. Not only eaten but also juiced and drunk regularly. As orange juice is full of benefits for human's health, people do not want to miss the season. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for us to extract it's juice appropriately; in this article we have presented the top 3 ways to get oranges juice with utter freshness and taste. Let's explore these methods.

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