How to Make Lauki Ka Halwa Recipe

lauki ka halwa recipe
Peel bottle gourd off and grate finely.

lauki halwa recipe
Heat oil in frying pan and put ground cardamom seeds.

lauki halwa step 3
As cardamom seeds leave aroma, add grated bottle gourd and mix. Cook for 5 minutes.

loki halwa step 4
Add milk and mix.

loki ka halwa recipe step 5
Add green color and mix. Cook at medium heat and keep stirring spoon.

lauki ka halwa step 6
Once all milk is cooked and evaporated, add sugar.

gourd halwa recipe step 7
Cook until sugar water is dried.

bottle gourd halwa step 8
Roast bottle gourd until oil layer becomes visible.

gourd halwa step by step recipe
Add khoya, almonds and pistachio and place for dam (steam-cook) for 10 minutes.

how to make lauki halwa
Delicious lauki halwa recipe is ready. Serve in a bowl.

How to Make Lauki Halwa


  • Bottle Gourd: 1/2 kg
  • Milk: 1 kg
  • Ghee: 1 cup
  • Green Cardamom: 2 to 3 pcs (grind its seeds)
  • Sugar: 1 cup
  • Green Food Coloring: 1 pinch
  • Almonds/Pistachios: as much you like
  • Khoya: 1 cup


  1. Peel off bottle gourds and grate using a food grater.
  2. Heat ghee in frying or karahi pan, add ground cardamom seeds, as it begins to give aroma, add grated bottle gourd
    and cook for 5 minutes.
  3. Once bottle gourd becomes soft, add milk and keep stirring the spoon.
  4. And then add green food color.
  5. Once milk is cooked and finished, add sugar and cook until sugar water dries out.
  6. Cook bottle gourd until oil appears.
  7. Now add khoya and chopped almonds and cook at low heat for 10 minutes.
  8. A tasteful lauki ka halwa is ready. Garnish with almonds, pistachios and silver paper and serve.

Immediately cook bottle gourd after grating otherwise it will become darker. Bottle gourd contains iron and if you
have to store it grated, keep in cold water. Strain when you need to cook.

Bottle Gourd Halwa (loki ka halwa) is really a very scrumptious and tasteful sweet dish. Most of you guys may not have tasted this sweet as very few know how to make it correctly.

Eating is Believing!

If you do not believe me, try it to believe.

Prepare today a delicious sweet lauki halwa and while eating, you would agree with me. It's main ingredients include bottle gourd, milk, ghee, green cardamom, sugar, green food coloring, almonds and khoya. Sometimes it is cooked without khoya but I prefer using it as it adds value to the taste desired.

I've made it as easy as possible to make loki halwa for you by presenting the recipe with step by step picture instructions.

Now there is no excuse! :)

Let's start making it.

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