Eat Dates Everyday But Why? There are 5 Reasons

Do you eat dates everyday? If not, you should. Eating dates daily keeps you healthy with vitamins, calcium, fiber, protein and iron. You know, dates are full of Vitamins B, C and A and also potassium and many other kinds of healthful nutrients. If you really want to gain dates benefits for health, make its use everyday. There are various ways you can eat dates daily such as eat it as an evening snack, add it to sweet dishes like cakes, puddings, kheer and halwas, or drink it shake daily in the morning.

Dates are one of the oldest fruits, sweet in taste, come from palm trees that are believed to be first cultivated in 6000 B.C. Dates are heavily consumed in Arab and Middle East countries. Rather it's an Arab tradition. Here are 7 reasons you should eat dates everyday.

1. Dates are Good Energy Boosters

Dates provide a quick dose of energy. It is rich in fructose and glucose which are quick source of energy. Whenever you feel down or low, eat a couple of dates to accelerate yourself. It is also rich in potassium which is required by our body to turn sugar into energy. Chop some dates and add them to your morning smoothie, it will keep you full of energy and activeness entire day. Or have some dates after lunch when you feel inactive of yourself.

2. Dates Improve Nervous System Functionality

As dates are rich in Vitamins B, it is very helpful to improve nervous system functionality. One's healthy nervous system is the key to an overall healthy body. Nervous system improves the communication of body parts with each other and making it more efficient. High amount of potassium in dates also aligns here to improve sleep which ultimately strengthens the nervous system of the body.

You can simply eat 4 to 5 dates everyday, it will help you achieve a better nervous sysem in your body.

3. Dates are Good for Heart

While being rich in many kinds of nutrients, yet dates are free of fats and so eating them does not increase cholesterol. Existence of fiber and B vitamins in dates also make it a good choice for heart health. It's high potassium content aids in regulating heart rate and keeps the blood pressure maintained. Magnesium in dates also helps heart function properly. Soak some dates in water and eat. Do this daily.

4. Dates are Good for Constipation Relief

Dates are wonderful for people having constipation problem. Soluble fiber in the dates help improve the bowel movement as well as aids foods pass smoothly through intestinal tract. If you mostly suffer with constipation, add dates to your everyday diet and you will see the difference.

Remove the seeds and soak 10 dates in water for whole night. Next day, grind all dates with water until it becomes like a smooth syrup. Take this mixture daily in the morning on empty stomach.

5. Eating Dates for Anemia

Dates help counter anemia problem which is usually caused due to low hemoglobin in the body. Dates contain high amount of iron which produces hemoglobin and therefore helps countering anemia disease. Low iron in body causes fatigue, makes you sluggish and feeling tired. These are the basic symptoms of anemia. Dates maintain the iron level in body which fight the symptoms of anemia and makes you active and full of energy.

Make a habit of eating dates everyday with a glass of warm milk. Do this two times a day but once at least.

Health benefits of dates are clear and obvious. Health experts recommended eating dates daily for many reasons. If you want to know why to eat it everyday, read this article and reveal 5 amazing advantages for our health. Dates are good energy boosters, they improve the functionality of nervous system, eating dates is good for cardiovascular health. Eat dates everyday and gain all its advantages.

Dates are naturally rich with potassium, B vitamins, fiber and iron. All these nutrients help our health in various ways. Let's read the details.

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Health Benefits Of Eating Dates

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can people with high sugar level consume dates.

  • edmund, Karachi

dates causes heating in intestine biggest hinderance in taking them continuously

  • Suhail, Indore

my family gets bulk dates in Ramadan month but I keep eating them ever after Ramadan . I have realized it is very helpful for health and I feel energetic with it. That's my own experience.

  • Saleha,

I love dates .what use of dates in glucomma please tell me

  • mehmood ul hassan tahir, gujranwala

Eat Dates Everyday But Why? There are 5 Reasons

Eat Dates Everyday But Why? There are 5 Reasons ہر کسی کے لیے جاننا ضروری ہیں کیونکہ یہ ایک اہم معلومات ہے۔ Eat Dates Everyday But Why? There are 5 Reasons سے متعلق تفصیلی معلومات آپ کو اس آرٹیکل میں بآسانی مل جائے گی۔ ہمارے پیج پر کھانوں، مصالحوں، ادویات، بیماریوں، فیشن، سیلیبریٹیز، ٹپس اینڈ ٹرکس، ہربلسٹ اور مشہور شیف کی بتائی ہوئی ہر قسم کی ٹپ دستیاب ہے۔ مزید لائف ٹپس، صحت، قدرتی اجزاء اور ماڈرن ریمیڈی کے فوڈز میں موجود ہے۔