Goat Chops Recipe

Es Bakra Eid Banai Mazaidar Chops !

Chop recipes are liked in all season, it is very scrumptious in taste as compared to any other part of lamb’s meat. There are many Chop recipes that you must have tried, but if you have not tried any chop recipes yet then try these yummy and mouth-watering masala chops recipe, Bihari chops recipe, Fried Lamb Chops, Tandoori Chops recipe, foil mutton chops and much more that tantalize your taste buds on this auspicious occasion of Eid ul Adha. Following are the easy and scrumptious recipes chops that you will definitely like.

Bihari Chops
Bihari Chops Recipe is very delicious starter or appetizer. People love it to eat and add this dish in their special Lunch or dinner menu with some chutney or ketchup. These chops are prepared in bihari special spices which is giving a different taste than simple common chops.
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Tandoori Chops Recipe
Tandoori chops are quite easy to make. The name tandoori simply means cooked in a tandoor or a very hot oven however it’s often made of clay. To make this recipe you may use any lamb piece but my choice is small, good quality, fresh lamb cuts which can also be barbecued. So let’s check out its simple and easy recipe.
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Masala Chops Recipe
As you know that there are many cooking method to make chops. Masala chops is quite more different due to its spicy taste, it is very easy and perfect in taste. These chops are perfect for side dish or main dish for a dinner or a party. So let’s try this recipe of masala chops and give your views.

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Foil Mutton Chops Recipe
There are many different types of recipes to make chops. In this recipe chops are first fried with marinade then wrap in foil so let's try this simple and yummy Foil Mutton Chops Recipe by Chef Sara Riaz.

Got ideas? Now rush to your kitchen and make your favorite one. Don't forget to tell us your feedback about goat chops recipes shared here!

Let's find out how to make goat chops recipe this Bakra Eid and enjoy diverse tastes of mutton. KFoods.com presents step by step recipes for making awesome mutton chops at home.

Chops made with rib part of the meat. Ribs are probably the most appetizing part of goat or cow’s meat and mutton chops is ranked as the one of the most striking appetizer and side dish. Usually chops are first cooked with all the spices and seasoning and then grilled on a grill pan. Lets here come to know some of the best Chops Recipes from the desk of cooking experts.

Following are some Eid ul Adha special mutton chops recipes.

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Goat Chops Recipe Crusty with grilled bits of onion, garlic and lemon zest, these chops were my first experience with made in my home.They were smell, maybe four bites each,crusty,but pink,succulent and delicious inside these are nice in taste for the lunch and my whole family also liked it a lot.I made it myself but make this recipe is motivating me thanks Kfoods.com.

Nov 15, 2018 Aliza Lahore

I have tried Tandoori Chops recipe from Kfoods and it was scrumptious. looking forward for trying Masala Chops Recipe as well. it really helps in the days of Eid.

Sep 16, 2018 hamna karachi

When we make chops at home, they taste best and everyone likes them. But when we order it at some restaurant, we get very tiny, almost bone like chops. Now for a long time, I'm making it myself. And when we go out, we eat something else other than chops like karahi and kebabs.

Dec 22, 2016 Maria Islamabad

I missed this article at the Eid just passed. I will keep this remembered for the coming Eid ul Azha and will try at least two of the given chops recipes. I like chops and I will definitely make them.

Dec 01, 2016 Sabahat Islamabad

wow, that's great to plan for this Eid ul Adha. Let's prepare with it. Pls give more recipes , I am waiting. Saima

Apr 29, 2015 Saima Jalil

All the chops recipes r good inshaallah i will try.

Oct 01, 2014 seemaaleem karachi

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