5 DIY Life Hacks for Women

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Avoid Fingers Turning Green with Metal Jewelry

If your fingers turn green by wearing metal rings or jewelry, this hack will resolve the problem. Just apply clear coat nail polish inside the ring or any other jewelry and it will stop messing with your fingers.

Remember not to apply nail polish on gems.

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Defuzz Your Sweaters

A very simple way to get rid of fuzz balls on knitted sweaters, coats, dresses, blankets and hats is to use foot pumice stone. Just rub it over the cloth and see the magic.

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Ironing Clothes While Traveling

How to press your clothes when on the go? Your flat iron would do the chore. You can press clothes easily with flat iron as shown in the picture. It becomes hot enough to iron your clothes. Remain careful while pressing silk or synthetic fabrics.

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Curling Hairs with Iron

Curl hair with iron as it does the job more effectively. Flat iron can make more beautiful and lasting hair curls than any other way. Do not drive the iron straight through the hair but rotate with hairs in it. This will give you awesome curls in the hair.

Hack 5 |

Shoes Smell? No More Now!

Shoes become very smelly in summer as our feet get more sweaty and wet. Make small sachets of baking soda and place in your shoes. Your shoes wouldn't smell anymore. This is a very simple and easy trick to get rid of smelly shoes.

Life hacks make living easy. This is year 2016 and so far hundreds and thousands of tips, ideas, hacks and tricks have come forth. People in every field have found the best practices for the people coming next.

Thanks to smart ladies who have introduced awesome DIY for women which make life of a woman quite easier. These DIY hacks belong to the general everyday life of girls. Some of these tricks are:

  • Avoid fingers turning green: Wow!
  • ironing clothes while traveling: Oh! How's that possible?
  • and
  • de-fuzz your sweaters: Really? I must do it!
and more.

So women, find 5 amazing life hacks tips that would in actual make your life simpler.

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