5 DIY Beauty Tips for Face & Skin

1. Try Honey Miracle:

Honey is a natural miracle; containing antibacterial and various healthy nutrients, it has lots of benefits for skin. Apply raw honey on face once in the weak and it will make your skin softer and smoother. It's anti-bacterial properties would also help clean the pores of your face.

2. Olive Oil Skin Cleanser:

Apply some extra virgin olive oil on your face, neck and shoulders as it is a simpler way to boost immune system of the body. It also helps cleansing the face. If it smells sharp and pungent, add some sugar.

Remember to use 100% extra virgin olive oil.

3. Make a Fruit Facemask:

Blenders can be used to make face masks too. Gather some fruits together such as banana, strawberry, orange, add some yogurt and aloe Vera gel. Blend them all together and you will get an amazing skin mask for your face. Apply it for 20 minutes and then wash to see it's effect. It will hydrate your skin making it fresher and more beautiful.

4. Coconut Oil Hair Moisturizer:

A simple and effective alternative to commercial hair moisturizers is coconut oil. It promotes new hair growth, makes them shinier and stronger. Plus it is quite inexpensive. Pure unprocessed coconut oils are available very easily.

5. Natural Skin Exfoliator

Kiwi fruit is laden with vitamin C which is very effective for skin's beauty. Scrub it on the face and avail the hidden benefits of this wondrous fruit. Either rub it's slices or mash the fruit into paste and then apply on your skin. It will effectively exfoliate the skin and help improve your complexion.

There are many tricks and ideas to enhance beauty however today KFoods.com is going to share top 5 Do-It-Yourself beauty tips for face and hair. All these tips use household things that are always present either in your kitchen or in refrigerator but you never thought using them this way. Ever thought how to make a face mask with your food blender? or a quick skin exfoliator which is already prepare by the nature; you just have to use it.

So here are 5 useful diy tips for face, hair and skin beauty. Make use of simple things in your home and improve your beauty.

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nice info. keep sharing more things. thank U

  • Aamna,
  • Dec 01, 2016

There are thousands of beauty tips but we need to be very selective. Choose only those to act which you really need.

  • Merry Irfan,
  • Aug 04, 2016

mujhe kiwi fruit boht pasand hai. kiwi fruit wali tip to mai zarror azmaun gi. fruit mai khane ke liye bhi mangwati rehti hun to meri beauty ke liye bhi kam me ajae ga. lekin 5 tips jo ap ne di boht kum hai mazeed bhi share kije

  • Naina, Hyderabad
  • Apr 08, 2016

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