Tez Paat - Jadooi Shifai Patta

Tejpata or Tez paat is a natural herb with big number of health benefits. It is known as 'Bay Leaf' in English. In some foods, it is used a must ingredient, especially in Pakistani and Indian foods. Very few people know about tej patta benefits to humans' health. It is not only a spice but a miraculous herb as well. Tejpaat leaves can be used in many ways. You can make its tea, use it in cooking or used to make qahwa. It can also be used to wash your hair as it helps achieve shiny long hair.

Read more about it in detail in Urdu below.

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By Aqib Shehzad In Health and Fitness 6 Comments 44508 Views 19 Apr 2019

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  • سیف الا سلام سیفی - اسلام آباد Nov 19, 2018

    پروردگار جزائے خیر عطا فرمائیں آمین

  • محمد رئيس الدين أحمد - دوحہ Feb 18, 2016

    ماشاءاللہ. ........ KFoods بہت ہی عمدہ خدمت خلق انجام دے رہا ہے. الله سبحانه وتعالى اس کے تمام اراکین کو جزائے خیر عطاء فرمائے آمین.

  • Nazia tanveer - Gujrat Feb 18, 2016

    good information

  • Mehwish Yaqoob - Karachi Dec 08, 2015

    it is not only a spice but a very good healing herb too. I had heard before about some of its benefits but now got to know more about this here. it's amazing! very knowledgeable post. keep sharing..

  • baber jawad - islamabad Dec 02, 2015

    can we use it in foods? as I have always heart about curry leaf for using in foods but not heard about this one for using while cooking. so i need to make sure this.

  • Muhammad Ali. Bhatti - pakistan Nov 09, 2015

    Nice info. very useful information indeed.

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