Kofta Nihari Recipe

In general, we keep eating koftas. The common recipes with kofta we make are kofta aloo, kofta palak, kofta pulao etc. Today, we have come up with Nihari Kofta Recipe in KFoods.com's step by step recipe series. This would bring you entirely a new taste of nihari. Recipe consists of 13 easy steps which are further simplified by KFoods.com by describing each step with pictures.

If you are fond of trying new tastes, this recipe is for you. Prepare this meatball nihari yourself and enjoy a wonderful meal with your family.

Here is it. Step by Step!

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  • Vanna - Jacksonville Mar 20, 2017

    I need recipes written in English. The pictures look so delicious. Imagine my surprise I could not read them.

  • Tanvir - Attock Feb 13, 2016


  • Abeera - Karachi Feb 12, 2016

    aalaw. looking very good. will make it for my next cooking session.