Bachon Ki Khansi Ka Ilaj (Urdu)

Home Remedies for Cold and Cough in Babies in Urdu

Today's article features the best 5 treatments for cough & cold in infants (Bachon ki khansi ka ilaj in Urdu). Upon arrival of winters every year, lots of children especially babies fall ill of cold, coughs, flu and similar other problems. Babies are more vulnerable to be affected by cold as they have a weak immune system. As they grow up, their immune system gets stronger but still initial years after the birth are very sensitive. For mothers of infants, it is essential to know some basic cold remedies for babies as they might need them any time. here presents 5 easy and effective household cough, flu and cold especially for little kids. here presents 5 easy and effective home remedies for babies cough and cold with handy household items.

Here are the remedies:

Remedy 1:

Using Honey

honey for cold cough

Honey is an ideal food for all ages from 1 year to elders of any year. It can heal sore throat and relieve cough in babies.

Usage Tip:

Add 1 tsp lemon juice to 2 tsps of honey. Give it to your little angel couple of times a day. Another way to use honey to ease cold and cough is to feed with warm milk. Take a glass of lukewarm milk and add raw honey to it accordingly and feed your baby.

Do not give honey to baby under 1 year as bacteria in the honey can cause infantile botulism.

Remedy 2:

Using Lemon

lemon juice for cold

Lemon is also good to cure coughing and sore throat. Vitamin C in lemon improve immunity enabling it to fight flu, cold and coughing.

Usage Tip:

Take 4 lemons, extract their juice and put juice, their peels with 1 tbsp ginger slice in a pot. Boil water separately and put in the pot soaking the lemon peels and ginger. Cover the pan and keep it drenched for 10 minutes. Strain the liquid with a tea strainer. Add equal amount of warm water to dilute the liquid and also add honey for taste. Give this to affected baby couple of times in a day.

For babies under 1 year, add sugar instead of honey.

Remedy 3:

Chicken Soup

soup for cold cough

Chicken soup is one of the excellent cold n cough home remedies for 1+ year babies. It helps remove cough and congestion symptoms and aids fast healing of the cold problems.

Usage Tip:

Prepare healthy chicken soup at home. Also add some vegetables like carrots and spinach. Give the soup to kids few times a day.

Get a big variety of soup recipes here

Remedy 4:


oranges for cough

Oranges are rich with vitamin C which fight with cold-causing germs. Vitamin C also improves body immune system and helps in coughing and flowing nose.

Usage Tip:

Oranges are available in winters in plenty. Make its juice and give 2 glasses to your baby everyday. Add warm water to juice when giving to very small baby. If your kid is able to eat it, you can also give oranges to them to eat.

Remedy 5:

Apple Cider Vinegar

apple vinegar for cold

Apple cider vinegar is another very useful remedy for fever in babies.

Usage Tip:

Add 1/3 glass raw apple vinegar and 2/3 glass cold water and mix them together. Take 2 facecloths and soak in the mixture. Wring the face cloths to remove excessive amount of solution, place one on forehead and one on the tummy. Change the cloths after 10 minutes. Keep doing it until fever is lessened.

NOTE: Your first priority should be to consult your doctor. Use these tips as auxiliary treatment or in less severe cases.

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Hope you would benefit with 5 home home remedies for cough in babies (Bachon ki khansi ka ilaj in Urdu). If you like to share how your baby got fit, you can do it in the comments box given below.

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  • Zara - Peshawar May 29, 2017

    Although this is not the winter season but my kids are very sensitive and they've got some kind of allergy. They are usually affected with runny nose, and flu . Let me check some remedies here.

  • Maira - Isb Apr 07, 2017

    oranges are though not available but vinegar is available across the year. I will choose apple cider vinegar to get rid of cold in my 1 yr old baby boy. They are very sensitive and delicate.

  • Saba - Jalandhar Mar 19, 2017

    Here in Lahore , weather was still cold some days ago and my little angel got sick of cold. Now i am looking for some effective things that would resolve the issue . Still I have to be careful that there are no side effects.

  • Abdul Ghafoor - Karachi Mar 13, 2017

    I want to know which of these Urdu totkay is best fit for 3 year kid, I would stick with one totka and continue to use it. And before picking the one, I want to assure myself that I am picking the right one. I wouldn't touch more than one.

  • ghufran - lahor Oct 10, 2016

    lemo kinu in sb sy gala or zyada khrab hota hy thek ni

  • moon - layyah Mar 13, 2016

    Very nice remedies.thanks

  • hamza altaf - faisalabad Mar 12, 2016

    YE SUB totke bhat ache han....

  • Roobina - Karachi Feb 25, 2016

    sometimes my kid got cough in very intense and not seem to relax . I give him syrup but I don't trust on market syrups. I will try any of these remedies. Chicken soup will be best I think.

  • Kashan - Haiderabad Feb 11, 2016

    baby coughing is common in winter specially. my nephew keep coughing and we rush for the doctors . I am also of the view to know these thing beforehand. Meanwhile, I also got some other tips for general cough.

  • Nida - Lahore Jan 19, 2016

    I think little kids can be given honey because I never have read about harms of honey. It is always suggested and recommended without any hazard to health. Overall very good post . I appreciate your efforts.

  • Rameeza - Manchester Jan 07, 2016

    yes this article is very important. children always fall ill in winter and suffer with fever, cold and cough problems and we mothers get seriously worried about this. thanks for these tips. these all are really helping.

  • Shaheen - Multan Dec 21, 2015

    thank you kfoods team for providing such a marvelous piece of information. growing and nurturing kids is a very difficult task for sure and when they fall ill, it becomes even harder to take care of them. In these scenario, it is very good to find out such useful tips for cough and cold . I am really very thankful. shaheen

  • Shazia Anjum - KHI Dec 08, 2015

    you rock. i exactly was looking for some easy household tips for coughing. my little toddler is tired of cough all night. syrups make him ok but after a while, it arises again. i exactly was looking for these tips. TY

  • Samira Khan - Islamabad Dec 02, 2015

    perfect info for me. almost all these things are available at my home . now i can cure cough of my babies easily. thanks a lot all of you.

  • sam - rawalpindi Nov 22, 2015

    Thanks for this post

  • Nusrat - Nov 18, 2015

    mere baby ko boht zarorat hai. us ko aksar nazla zukam rehta hai. thank you

  • Rania - Nov 17, 2015

    nice to see this very useful post from you. I was in need of it to take care of my baby.

  • Sana Abbas - Nov 16, 2015

    I will give honey to my baby for curing cold.