How to Get Rid of Ants in House - 5 Home Remedies

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Remedy 1

Cucumber Skin

cucumber peel for get rid of ants

Cucumber is the easiest way to repel ants. It's peel is a natural anti-ants product. Bitter cucumbers are best for this purpose however any cucumber can do this work.


Peel a cucumber off and spread its skin everywhere in the area where ants come frequently. Put fresh peels everyday as it's effect will likely to long 24 hours. Keep doing this as long as you need.

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Remedy 2

Dishwashing Liquid

dishwashing liquid for repelling ants

Using dishwashing liquid soap is also a quick and effective way to remove ants. It not only kills ants but also cockroaches and other insects.


Mix 1 tsp baking soda and 1 tsp liquid dishwashing soap in a cup of water. Drop this solution everywhere on their path. Another trick is to mix 1/3 dishwashing soap and 2/3 water and make a solution. Fill a spray bottle with it and shake it well. Spray the mixture on the ants.

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Remedy 3

White Vinegar

white vinegar for ants

White vinegar is very helpful to keep ants at the bay. Ants cannot handle its strong sharp smell which keeps them away from entering your house.


Mix white vinegar and water in equal amount and fill it in a spray bottle. Put a couple of drops of essential oil and shake the bottle well. Now spray the solution on the areas where ants usually enter from.

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Remedy 4


cinnamon for ants

Cinnamon is another very effective household solution for ants. Its sharp smell keeps ants away from your kitchen and bedroom. Cinnamon in any form is usually found in homes. Therefore this trick may be very handy for you to apply.


Mix 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon oil to a cup of water. Dip cotton and wipe the areas where ants frequent. Do this everyday unless ants stop coming to the place.

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Remedy 5


peppermint leaves for ant

Using peppermint is the easiest remedy. It is naturally enriched with anti-insect properties that we can use to keep ants away from any place. Ants are unable to bear its smell and stay away from the place where peppermint is found.


Pour 10 to 15 drops of peppermint oil into 1 cup of water. Spread the solution everywhere in the ants-affected area. Do this two times a day until you see the difference.

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Discover 5 simple ways to eliminate ants in your house with basic household items. Ants usually infiltrate houses in rainy season. Their presence in bedroom or kitchen is always annoying and agonizing. is telling here some 5 really effective home remedies for to get rid of ants naturally with products such as cucumber peel, cinnamon and peppermint. Whether the annoying ants are small, carpenter or pavement ants, these remedies would help you to wipe their presence out of your home.

Handling ants and insects problem becomes a frustrating chore. Most of the anti-ants products are made with chemicals that are also hazardous for humans and for the atmosphere. Kill ants with these simple tips given here and live happy life.

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  • - Jul 03, 2019

    Any remedy for lizards 🦎

  • Namerah - islamabad Jul 02, 2018

    I followed this remedy when I had problems with ants in my house and this home remedies for ants in house has been very effective! I am very happy and relieved.

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  • Ashraf Uddin Ali - Karachi Nov 28, 2016

    very Nice Tips Ihop

  • sam - lahore Aug 24, 2016

    I like all the is looking v useful..nd I will surely try it at my home..bcs im very fed up and i wanna gt rid of big black ants...

  • Nida Samar - Abu Dhabi Feb 25, 2016

    do we need to change cucumber peel everyday? We use cucumbers but not on daily basis and it will be difficult to arrange fresh peels everyday . Can we use same peel for 3 days or at least 2 days?

  • HAROON rasheed - Dubai Feb 25, 2016

    Khatmal khatam karne k koi asan sa hal

  • Bushra Akmal - Lahore Feb 11, 2016

    Thanks for these things. I have taken action for ants and got them removed. Now too relax! But now there are so many small cockroaches (til chatte). Please give me tips for them as well. I kill them but they are not reduced in number. still they are many and seems they are still increasing.

  • Rohaila - KHI Jan 28, 2016

    I don't know exactly the type of ants but they are large size black . Once I bought a tube but it didn't work. From that I day I don't trust on those tubes. The methods you gave contain mint which is easy for me so I will try that one.

  • Abbas - Rawalpindi Jan 19, 2016

    ants are always making problems. thanks to kfoods for these useful tips. i do not trust on this and that products . they never work. if some product works , it is very costly. can give these remedies a try. sure!

  • Khalid Salem - Karachi Jan 07, 2016

    sometimes there are small ants and sometimes there are big ants . both are very problematic and make so much annoyance. i brought some injection but they also do not seem to work. hope these tips would.

  • Neena - Islamabad Dec 31, 2015

    houseflies keep annoying me. it's winter and i do not run fans and then flies come to annoy me. and when i run the fan, i feel cold. what should i do, is there any thing exactly to remove flies?

  • Shabana - Dec 21, 2015

    mint and vinegar are very easy for me. I always have these things in my kitchen and so I can use them for removing ants. thanks for the tips kfood. Also give me some tips to remove bugs from my garden.

  • Maiza Shaikh - KHI Dec 19, 2015

    amazing post. that is I was actually looking for. there are many ants in my bungalow. I am ok with ants if they are in lawn but I can't bear them in my porch and rooms. I will pick the easiest of your given tips.

  • Uzair Ali - Rawalpindi Dec 08, 2015

    nice tips for ants. i get annoyed with ants they enter in kitchen and make problem. I have been using different anti bug products but they work temporarily . as you stop using them, ants will come again.

  • Jasim - Lahore Dec 02, 2015

    your remedies are always helpful. Thank s for giving in Urdu too. I will send show it to my mommy . she reads Urdu. thanks and good evening. Jasim

  • kaiser - new mumbai nerul Nov 27, 2015

    Nice ur advice regurds all staff.

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