Food Preservation Methods and Techniques

doodh aata mehfooz karne ka tarikaghiza ko kese mehfooz rakhendoodh mehfooz rakhne ka tarikahow to preserve milkmirch ko mehfooz rakhnacheese paneer ko mehfooz rakhnanariyal ko mehfooz rakhnakishmish ko mehfooz rakhnamasoor ki daal ko mehfooz rakhnaaate ko mehfooz rakhne ka tarika is explaining methods for preserving foods at home by use of simple things that are available at home. Ignoring proper method of storing foods can lead to enormous loss as if any of the food weren't able to eat, you would have to discard it away.

Food preserving sometimes becomes very important especially when you have it in large stock. Vegetables, milk, flour, pickle, lentils and fruits, all can perish if not stored properly. And people usually do not know the tips and techniques to properly store these foods.

The common preservation methods include freezing, drying, smoking, canning, salting and boiling. We will discuss how to preserve certain foods particularly flour, pickle, coconut, masoor lentil, raisins, cheese, chilies and milk. Simple tips have been explained to store each of these foods and how to protect it from bacteria and other germs.

Read this insightful article and learn to store these staple foods for long lasting freshness.
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  • Hussain - Mar 09, 2016

    useful information. I needed it . Thanks for sharing these tips with us.

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