Green Tea For Shiny Hair

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استعمال شدہ ٹی بیگز سے بال چمکے دمکتے خوشنمابنائیں

استعمال شدہ ٹی بیگیز سے آپ اپنے بالوں کو زیادہ خوبصورت بنا سکتے ہیں ۔ اس مقصد کے لئے گرین ٹی بیگز استعمال کئے جاسکتے ہیں ۔سبز چائے کے اندر اینٹی آکسڈنٹس پائے جاتے ہیں جو نہ صر ف آپ کے بالوں کو زیادہ خوبصورت اور مضبوط بنانے میں اہم کردار ادا نہیں کرتے بلکہ بالوں سے خشکی اور سکری کا بھی خاتمہ کرتے ہیں ۔

استعمال کا طریقہ :

تین استعمال شدہ ٹی بیگز لے گرم پانی میں ڈال دیں ۔
دس منٹ کے بعد ٹی بیگز نکال لیں اور پانی ٹھنڈا ہونے دیں ۔
اب شیمپو کرکے تھوڑی دیر بعد بالوں کو ٹی بیگ والے پانی سے دھولیں ۔
پانچ منٹ تک مساج کریں اور پھر صاف ٹھنڈے پانی سے دھولیں ۔
اب بالوں ہوا سے خشک کرلیں ۔
خشک ہونے کے بعد آپ اپنے بالوں میں واضح فرق محسوس کریں گے ۔

Green tea for shiny hair is a famous remedy that has been passed down from generations. It has been used for medicinal, beauty and weight loss benefits. Green tea is an amazing ingredient for anti-aging but did you also know that it promotes healthy growth and repair of your hair? Green tea is widely consumed in China and Japan and centuries and that is probably the reason why they have such beautiful skin and luscious hair. Green tea is so effective that everyone in the world is talking about the special benefits of using this tea. Green tea is a good source of panthenol, which is used in shampoos for strengthening and conditioning hair. Moreover, it is an incredible tonic that seals in moisture and adds luster to hair.
Green tea extract is also added to anti-aging products because it contains numerous benefits like preventing hair fall, preventing graying of hair, locks in moisture, strengthens hair strands, reduces dandruff and conditions the scalp to promote more hair growth.

Use Green tea bags to make your hair luscious and shiny.
You can use the used up tea bags to make your hair more beautiful. Green tea bags are much more useful than just losing weight and can make your hair healthier. The anti-oxidants found within green tea works to get rid of dust and bacteria in hair-scalp. By just adding green tea bag with luke warm water, you can make your hair beautiful, stronger and also eliminate hair problems with just the first application.

How to use:

- Take three tea bags used or unused in hot water and wait until green tea is fully mixed with water.
- After ten minutes take out the used up tea bags and let the water cool down before using it as cool green tea is beneficial for hair and hot temperature and damage them.
- Now after you wash your hair with a mild shampoo, pour the cold green tea on your hair from scalp to the ends and wait for 5 minutes.
- Rinse your hair with cold water and see the difference.

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