Blisters (Chalay) in Mouth

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Blister is a mouth disease usually affects children and also occurs in adults. There are different kind of medicines are available in the market but a natural homemade medicine is quite better than other so here is a authentic tip that how to get rid of mouth blister by Pakistan’s famous tips expert Zubaida Tariq.
•Take coriander powder little bit mix it with honey and eat it.
•Apply glycerin on effected areas.
•Take 1 banana with 1 cup yogurt and eat it daily.

منہ کے چھالوں کے آرام کے لیے تھوڑا سا دھنیہ پاؤڈر شہد میں ملا کر کھائیں- یا پھر گلیسرین بھی متاثرہ جگہ پر لگائیں جاسکتی ہے- اس کے علاوہ ایک کیلا اور ایک کپ دہی بھی روزانہ کھائی جاسکتی ہے-

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Abdullah Feb 08, 2017
Mere Moo me bhi chalay hogaye hein, me folic acid khati hun to theek hojati hun magar mujhe koi mustaqil solution bhi share kardein, me aap ki ye remedy ko bhi follow karogi phr daikhte hein k kia hota hai
Hamza Nadeem Jan 04, 2017
I have some blisters after had some quantity of jheenga biryani, i think prawns are too hot that's why so i am here to ask that is this above remedy is suitable for this kind of blisters?? i tried many medicines but still as it is in initial stage, an way let me try once, thanks
Shahid Fareed Jul 15, 2016
Asllam o alikam mery moo ma aupar talloun walla hesa sab paka hua hy aur zuban k nechy gosht k cohty cohty tokry nechy ki trf latky hua hain aur buht tang a cuka hon plz koi acha sa ellaj batain thnxx


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