Gun Smoke

Gun Smoke

Phone Number: 021-536-2283

Address: 10th Commercial Lane, Zamzama Phase 5, DHA, Karachi, Pakistan

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Gun Smoke Restaurant Karachi prolongs to give hard competition to its opponents Arizona Grill and Copper Kettle by means of its extensive range of burgers and steaks. In addition to Gun Smoke’s name has turned out to be superior to the real product behind the brand. Gun Smoke Restaurant in Karachi & Lahore is popular because of its attractive appearance and menu deals as well as overall occurrence that capture the attention of people. Its waiters wearing funky cowboy gears, horses tied outside the entrance and an interior that is a cross between a ranch and a cow boy bar. Over the years Gun Smoke has created a center of attention for Karachi cites as well as Lahore cities. Gun Smoke restaurant Pakistan offers limited privacy with loud music and close sitting arrangement. The interior includes dark planks of wood, fashionable wall hangings and pieces of art which are giving the traditional as well as modern look to the restaurant. GunSmoke Menu & Deals Pakistan includes special dishes like Sandwiches, Pasta, Beef Steak, Chicken wings, and Juicy burgers & hot-dogs. If you’ve been to Gun Smoke, you must be well-known with their menu outline. The fundamental offering of the main entrée remains the same; the only thing you vary is the selection of meat – chicken or beef burger or steak. Gun Smoke Restaurant also serves the ever admired “Shisha” in diverse flavors.

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Special Offers :Buffet Rs. 500 + Tax Lunch: 1:00pm to 4:00pm, Dinner: 7:00 to Midnight

Special Dishes : Grilled Chicken Mushroom Sandwich, Grilled Mushroom Burger, Whiskey River BBQ Burger, Steak Fagitas, Pepper Corn Steak, Tetrazzini Chicken Pasta, Sauces, Texas Patato Salad... etc

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Gun Smoke DHA
10th Commercial Lane, Zamzama Phase 5, DHA
Karachi , Pakistan   
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Phone: 021-536-2283

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khum Apr 02, 2019

Thanks people for advice , i have plan to visit the same but after watching the comments above i cancel the plan .
Raza Aug 04, 2016

Don't waste your time.
Faizan Jinjua Jul 24, 2016

You people and the management are horrible. I had a hair in my soup, and the waiter said. So?
Ali Apr 19, 2014

Of all the places i have been i rate Guns Smoke the worst primarily due to their ridiculous waiters who dont know how to talk to the customers and on top the management who feels invincible by humiliating customers as if they were dining at CHIPA or EDHI langar!!!!!
Fahad Apr 19, 2014

I used to be a regular at this restaurant until recently when a sad and embarrassing incident occured....I was accompanied by a guest and I ordered the usual guests wasn't feeling well, didnt feel like eating much and ordered a pasta from the kids section..the waiter outrightly said in our face I CANT GIVE U THIS ITS NOT ALLOWED...I tried to reason with him politely and even called the manager that the reason my guest is ordering from the kids section is that she has a medical condition and doesn't feel like eating much....The manager remained adamant and said SORRY U CANT ORDER THIS SIR!!!!! I conveyed that i will be embarassed infront of my guest who i specially invited to your restaurant and if that's the case I will cancel my order, leave the restaurant and never come back....I thought like all civilized world thinks the manager should have said something to shape a win win situation instead they were like FINE!! JUST LEAVE..WE ARE NOT BOTHERED ABOUT CUSTOMER SATISFACTION....considering my frequent travelling around the world, this has been a really sad incident which I have never faced anywhere else...this is clearly against the ethics of running a food chain and serves to be only cheap ways of making people order more than they want...what harm would it cause to order a kids meal???? This policy needs to change!!!!!!!!! I'm never going there thats for sure and a lot of other people whom I'll convey this incident will also never step a foot inside that place...!

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