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Find Chandni Restaurant menu with their freshest offerings at Chandni Restaurant, including the Jul 2024 menu, discount deals, and updated prices. Renowned as one of Karachi's premier dining destinations, Chandni Restaurant invites you to indulge in delectable dishes amidst the warmth of friends and family. Uncover essential details about Chandni Restaurant, from its convenient location and contact information to seamless delivery, dine-in, and takeout options. Dive into customer reviews and inquire about any available credit card discounts to enhance your dining experience.

Chandni Restaurant Location & Contact Info

Address Pearl Continental Hotel Club Road, Karachi, Pakistan
Contact No (92-213) 568-5021
Email [email protected]
Whatsapp 03204751111
FB/Insta Page

Chandni Restaurant Latest Deals - Karachi

Chandni Restaurant Dinner Buffet Menu Price: Rs 2350 +TAX

Chandni Dinner Buffet Deal : Rs 2499 (Cash Only Deal)

Chandni Chownk Buffet Menu

  • Desi Delights
    Nihari - Slow-cooked stew with tender meat.
  • Chicken Biryani - Fragrant basmati rice with succulent chicken.
  • Daal Makhani - Creamy black lentils simmered to perfection.
  • Aloo Ke Kebab - Spiced potato patties.
  • Chinese Delicacies
    Sweet and Sour Chicken - Crispy chicken in a tangy sauce.
  • Vegetable Manchurian - Fried veg balls in a savory gravy.
  • Hakka Noodles - Stir-fried noodles with colorful veggies.
  • Szechuan Shrimp - Spicy shrimp with a flavorful kick.
  • BBQ Bonanza
    Seekh Kebabs - Minced meat skewers with aromatic spices.
  • Tandoori Chicken - Marinated and grilled to smoky perfection.
  • Grilled Fish - Fish fillets seasoned and char-grilled.
  • BBQ Vegetables - Assorted veggies, flame-kissed to perfection.
  • Fast Food Favorites
    Chicken Burgers - Juicy chicken patties in soft buns.
  • Cheese Pizza - Classic pizza topped with gooey cheese.
  • Crispy Fries - Golden fries served with a choice of dips.
  • Chicken Wings - Spicy and tangy wings for a flavor explosion.
  • Dessert Delights
    Gulab Jamun - Soft dumplings soaked in sweet syrup.
  • Chocolate Mousse - Rich and creamy chocolate indulgence.
  • Fruit Salad - Fresh seasonal fruits for a refreshing end.
  • Gajar Ka Halwa - Carrot pudding, a sweet and warm delight.


Special Dishes & Menus

Chicken karai
Bar B Q and much more.

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Chandni Restaurant in Karachi
Chandni Restaurant club Road
Pearl Continental Hotel Club Road, Pakistan (92-213) 568-5021

About Chandni Restaurant

Chandni Restaurant Iftar Deals 2024

Chandni Restaurant Iftar deals for 2024 are generating excitement as Ramadan is just around the corner. Located at Pearl Continental Hotel Club Road, Karachi, Pakistan, Chandni Restaurant is gearing up to ensure your Iftar is unforgettable. Their diverse menu, curated by passionate chefs, promises a delightful fusion of traditional and contemporary dishes. Stay tuned for exclusive Iftar and Sehri deals designed to cater to every palate. Whether it's a family feast or an intimate gathering, Chandni Restaurant has something special for everyone. For more details or reservations, you can contact them directly at (92-213) 568-5021. Let the spirit of Ramadan be enriched with Chandni Restaurant's culinary delights.

Chandni Restaurant Sehri Deals 2024

Chandni Restaurant's Sehri deals for 2024 are bringing the best taste to your plate. Chandni Restaurant promises a delightful mix of traditional and modern dishes crafted by their skilled chefs. Stay tuned for exclusive Chandni Restaurant Sehri deals suitable for all tastes and group sizes. Whether it's a big family gathering or a cozy meal with friends, Chandni Restaurant has you covered. For more information or reservations, you can contact them at (92-213) 568-5021. Get ready to enjoy a hassle-free and delicious Iftar experience with Chandni Restaurant!

Chandni Restaurant Karachi

Chandni Restaurant Karachi is a culinary gem, renowned for its exquisite Pakistani and Indian cuisine. Nestled in the heart of the city, it offers a warm and inviting ambiance, making it the perfect setting for a memorable dining experience. With a diverse menu featuring flavorful kebabs, aromatic biryanis, and a range of delectable curries, Chandni Restaurant Karachi is a haven for food enthusiasts. Whether you're seeking a casual meal or celebrating a special occasion, this restaurant is a must-visit destination for culinary delights in Karachi. Chandni restaurant offers a very spacious yet highly sophisticated interior with an antique finish of bygone era. Traditional artwork elegantly drapes the walls and the atmosphere as a whole does indeed satisfy the yearnings of a mind bent toward whimsical creativity. Our Chefs at Chandni are the creative force behind capturing the exotic flavors, robust aromas of evocative Asian and International favorites.

Chandni Restaurant Menu

Chandni Restaurant's menu is a gastronomic journey through the heart of authentic Indian cuisine. It boasts a diverse selection of appetizers, main courses, and desserts, ensuring there's something to suit every palate. From aromatic biryanis and flavorful curries to tandoori specialties, each dish is a masterpiece of flavor, prepared with the finest ingredients and a blend of aromatic spices. Whether you're a vegetarian or a meat enthusiast, the Chandni Restaurant menu promises a memorable dining experience. The restaurant's dedication to culinary excellence is evident in every dish, making it the ultimate choice for those in search of an unforgettable Indian dining adventure.

Chandni Restaurant Buffet Slots Timing:

At Chandni Chowk Restaurant, the feast never ends! Indulge in their Lunch cum Hi-Tea Buffet from 7:15 PM to 9:00 PM, then extend your culinary celebration with Dinner Buffet slots running from 1:00 PM to 6:45 PM, with additional late-night bites available from 9:15 PM to 11:45 PM. Whether you crave an early or a leisurely lunch, a classic afternoon tea, or a grand evening spread, Chandni Chowk has a delicious slot waiting for you. Come savor their diverse buffet offerings and lose yourself in their culinary wonderland!

Chandni Restaurant Upcoming Updates:

Chandni Restaurant to launch new website: Chandni Restaurant is expected to launch a new website in the coming weeks. The new website will provide information about the restaurant's menu, location, and hours of operation.

Chandni Restaurant to offer online ordering: Chandni Restaurant is expected to offer online ordering in the coming weeks. This will make it easier for customers to order food from the restaurant without having to visit the restaurant in person.

Chandni Restaurant to expand to other cities in Pakistan: Chandni Restaurant is considering expanding to other cities in Pakistan, such as Islamabad, Karachi, and Faisalabad. The restaurant is currently in the process of identifying potential locations for new restaurants.

Customer Reviews - Chandni Restaurant

Chandini Restaurants are always wonderful. I have visited many times. Chandini Restaurant should come with city Karachi's style, offering all foods with cheap rate. There is no such concept of in karachi. This would enhance their client age. Excitingly, prices are high and quantity is low. i pray for them for their success.

  • Maham

I am a big fan of Chandni Restaurant. The taste of Chandni Restaurant is awesome and i love it. service is slow i may hope that there will be changes.

  • Babar

Pearl continental hotel karachi it's best hotel of karachi .....My experience was gr8 every thing was good,environment, service, management all is best ...we cannot have any kind of complain here........No doubt its good place ...with good environment and clean place

  • Mushtaq

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