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Make the tasty cheese potato which has the really good taste what I have observed after tried it and has the really good smell which is really attractive for eating

  • Aleem,
  • Mar 26, 2022

Thanks for this amazing recipe, the wings was scrumptious with great taste. I didn''t know chicken garlic wings can also taste so good.

  • Musa,
  • Mar 26, 2022

this Cheese Potato is the favorite food of my younger sis who lives in England and this dish is his favorite to. So I cooked this Cheese Potato for him just to surprise him.

  • Kanwal Sabir,
  • Apr 14, 2020

Looking the tasty Garlic Wings by the best kfoods that we simply make that at home by the following this method

  • soiba khan,
  • Apr 13, 2020

please give me the best cheese potato recipe because I have to present it in a contest. I wish that my recipe should be the best of all and I should win the prize. I will share all the iftar items with my friends. they like my cooking and often ask me.

  • Gul, Karachi
  • Apr 16, 2019

cheese potato is yummy and crispy my children love this dish and I always make a dish for them thanks kfoods just because of you I am a chef in my kitchen.

  • faryal irfan, karachi
  • Apr 26, 2018

Some foods like cheese potato appeal me always. I cook foods at home myself and I try to make it the most. I have many other microwave recipes that I make frequently for all my home members.

  • Hizaq, Hyderabad
  • Mar 09, 2017

Good to get Tandoori Anday aur Zafran ka Halwa recipe at kfoods.com, I am looking for more riwaiti mithaiyan, today I am in a cooking mood. So I am trying that I could make at least 5 to 6 recipes today.

  • Maheena, Quetta
  • Mar 05, 2017

I love to make Pizza Rolls from your website. I have many microwave recipes from kfoods.com and keep looking for more. I am waiting for new recipes. When will you add more please?

  • Nawar, Multan
  • Mar 03, 2017

I have two holidays in the week and I spend one full day in cooking. I start with Microwave Matar Keema recipe and later I choose others. I am thinking to join a cooking school where I could learn more microwave recipes. It will also enhance my expertise.

  • Zaina, Sialkot
  • Feb 28, 2017