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Q Rang Saaf Kerny Ke Liye

q گوری اور صاف رنگت کے لیے

Posted By : Shani 6505 Views

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Mera rang sanwala ha koi aisa tariqa btaen ke mera rang surkh or sufaid ho jai.

Best Answers

Namaz ke papandi karen of darood sharif parh kar face par lagaya karen Inshah ALLAH Aap farq mehsos karengen.
Posted On : 25 Sep 2014 | Replied By : chefasad
Here is a Tip of Fairness by Dr Khurram

•Take 1 tbsp of gram flour
•2 tsp of raw milk
•2-3 drops of lime juice.

Mix all ingredients well and apply it on your face then wash just after 15 minutes.
Posted On : 04 Oct 2014 | Replied By : KFoods

User Opinion

Make a paste of one tomato and one lemon apply on face regularly. It will make your face fairer and blemish free.
Posted On : 12 Oct 2014 | Replied By : Afreen Qureshi
Its better to have these foods in your stomach rather than wasting it by applying here and there. Once it enters your stomach, the body will do its work better than you.
Posted On : 12 Jan 2015 | Replied By : Zainab Shabbir
Rang Saaf Kerny Ke Liye is ka urdu mein answer hai tu plss mera e mail mein send kar da plsssssssss
Posted On : 12 Jan 2015 | Replied By : sajid
Meri Umar 17 age hai or mera chrai ka aur Jsim ka rang black ho raha hai or is ka kohi remini bata dai hotai karnai ka
Posted On : 21 Jan 2019 | Replied By : Umair iqbal

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