Mianwali Sehri & Iftar Time Today - Ramadan Timings 2023

Today 24 Mar, 2023 and 02 Ramadan, Sehri and Iftar time in Mianwali are as Fiqa Hanafi Sehri Time is 04:51 AM and fiqa Hanafi Iftar Time is 6:28 PM. According to Fiqa Jafria Sehri & Iftari timings are as follows: Shia sehri time in Mianwali is 04:41 and Iftar time is 06:38. The Ramadan time table 2023 is given below.

Sehri & Iftar Time in Mianwali - Ramadan 2023

Date Sehr Iftar
24 Mar, 2023 04:51 am 6:28 pm

Ramadan Calendar 2023 (Sehri o Iftar Time Mianwali)

Ramadan arrives and Muslims across the world dedicate their time and energy in fasting and praying to seek forgiveness from Allah Almighty. The exact Mianwali Ramadan Timing 2023 on 23 March 2023 or 02 Ramadan 1444 has given on this page along with Sehri time in Mianwali and Iftar time today Mianwali.

Sehri time in Mianwali during Ramadan 2023 is estimated to be around 04:51 am and Iftar time is estimated to be around 6:28 pm. These timings are based on the calculation method used by the Fiqa Hanafi, which is followed by the majority of Sunni Muslims in Pakistan.

For the Fiqa Jafria, the estimated Sehri time in Mianwali during Ramadan 2023 is around 04:41 AM and the estimated Iftar time is around 06:38 PM. This calculation method is followed by the majority of Shia Muslims in Pakistan.

The Ramadan timetable 2023 in Mianwali is an important event for the Muslim community and accurate information about the Sehri and Iftar timings is crucial for those observing the fast. The estimated timings mentioned above are based on the calculation methods used by Fiqa Hanafi and Fiqa Jafria and may vary slightly depending on the sighting of the moon and other factors.

On which date is Ramadan 2023 starting in Mianwali?

Ramadan 2023 in Mianwali is starting on March 23, 2023, but this may change depending on the sighting of the moon.

What is the Sehri time in Mianwali Today?

Many people use the Ramadan calendar 2023 Mianwali to check suhoor or Sehri time in Mianwali. Today's Sehri time is 04:51 am on 23 March 2023, and the fasting day is expected to last 13 hours 37 minutes.

What is the Timing of Iftar in Mianwali?

The overall length of each fasting day determines the distance between Roza or Iftar hour. Today's Iftar time in Mianwali is 6:28 pm on 23 March 2023, and tomorrow's iftar time is 6:29 pm.

What is the time table for Ramadan 2023 in Mianwali?

Ramadan timetable 2023 consists of 30 days. The month of Ramadan in Mianwali starts on March 23 and the last day of roza is on April 21. It is often observed that Ramadan starts a day later in some areas of the world. The 30 days time table is given above.

What is the exact starting time of Iftari in Mianwali?

The exact starting time of Iftari in Mianwali is 6:28 pm Typically, Iftari time is at sunset.

What is the opening and closing Ramadan Time in Mianwali?

Today 24 March, 2023 opening time is 6:28 pm and closing time is 04:51 am. The opening and closing Ramadan time in Mianwali will depend on the day and may vary by a few minutes from day to day.

What is the end time for sehri in Mianwali?

The end time for Sehri in Mianwali is 04:51 am depend on day to day solar movement. Typically, Sehri ends approximately 5-10 minutes before the Fajr prayer time.

How many fasts are there in Ramadan 2023?

Ramadan 2023 is expected to be approximately 29-30 days long, starting from around 23 March 2023 and ending on 21 April 2023, it is depending on the sighting of the moon.

What time did Roza close in Mianwali?

The exact time when Roza closes in Mianwali is 04:51 am.

On which date is Ramadan ending in Mianwali?

The ending date of Ramadan in Mianwali is 21 April 2023 and it is depends on the sighting of the moon.

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