Suman Ayesha Lawn Collection 2015

Suman Ayesha Premium Lawn Collection 2015 for Summer & Spring | Presenting the latest & attractive design ideas for girls at discounted price, check out more attractive lawn prints for summer 2015 by Suman Ayesha at KFoods.

Suman Ayesha Lawn Collection 2015
Posted By: Suman Bukhari Karachi 3 Comments 9959 Views In Dress Designs
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nice design with nice color. Green is my favorite color . this lawn design is looking good too . where to get it now? it is tagged as 2015 lawn design.. My skin complexion is fair and green suits me. :)

  • Ayesha, Islamabad
  • Jul 15, 2016

It seems an old one, though good but I am looking for new collection of designs. Last year, there were big brands introducing their creations like Asim Jofa, Sitara Sapna but this year in 2016, I am seeing less designs by big brands and more by small unknown brands.

  • Sadaf, Lahore
  • Jul 11, 2016

thats great print and looks good, i hope it is comfortable too and easy to iron. but it is not available on all shops. pls guide me where do i buy it. thanks..

  • shama, Karachi
  • Mar 17, 2015