Aqwal e Zareen

Aqwal e Zareen - The term 'Aqwal' means 'sayings' in English whereas 'zareen' means 'golden'. So

Aqwal e Zareen - The term 'Aqwal' means 'sayings' in English whereas 'zareen' means 'golden'. So it means 'Golden Sayings' in English. We have a great list of quotes and saying in Urdu on different topics. The best, meaningful and golden information and quotes are usually called Aqwal e Zareen. It is authentic and only a sentence of Aqwal e Zareen contains so many deep meanings. You may also call aqwal e zareen as golden quotes. We have a great list of quotes and saying in Urdu on different topics. The aqwal e zareen are the quotes which are said by great and influenced personalities. Aqwal e zareen are the words which should be applied in our daily life. These quotes are very helpful in maintaining a good character and leading a happy and peaceful life. One should read the aqwal e zareen and also use them in their lives to improve their characters. The pious people use these aqwal e zareen for maintaining a happy life. Following these golden quotes are the characters of a happy life.

You may find many helpful golden quotes on our page of We have mentioned many quotes of Hazrat Ali RA, Hazrat Abu Bakr RA, Imam Ghazali, Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani and other companions of Prophet SAW. We also have mentioned the quotes of the famous wali of Allah. Their sayings help to lead a good life. By reading these quotes, we come to know about many aspects of life. Some of the aqwal e zareen are very impactful that it has changed many lives. You may read the quotes by subject also. Quran Pak also contains so many aqwal e zareen and we have mentioned some of those on this page. You can read the quotes of many Prophets and messengers of Allah Pak. is providing big collection of Aqwal-e-Zareen photos and images for free download.

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Ye Kaisa Dour Hai
Habeeba - Khanewal Jan 31, 2019
This aqwal e zareen really touched my heart. People these days are so jealous of each other that they don't want anyone to be happy. May Allah bless all the people.
Ye Kaisa Dour Hai
Habeeba - Faisalabad Jan 24, 2019
It is a great Aqwaal e Zareen by Hazrat Ali that "Do good and forget". Our life will become so easier if we start to follow These golden quotes and read them daily. We should read one quote daily and try to follow it.
Ye Kaisa Dour Hai
Fehmida - Lahore Jan 22, 2019
Just so good to read some very beneficial aqwaal e zareen on this page. our children just do not know about these golden quotes but, this page remind me of these quotes to make my children read them. I will save these for my young ones.


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