Muzaffar Meethi Seviyan Recipe

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Sewaiyan 1⁄2 Kilogram (vermIcelli)
Khoya 1⁄2 Kilogram (made from Milk)
Sugar 900 Gram
Cardamoms 25 , powdered
Milk 300 Gram (1 Glass)
Pure Ghee 250 Gram
Mix chopped dry fruit 1⁄2 Cup (8 tbs)
Water 1 1⁄2 Cup (24 tbs), 1 1/2 glass - to prepare Sugar syrup /chashni

How to make Muzaffar Meethi Seviyan


First heat ghee in a pan add crushed sewainyan ( varmicelies) in it and fry it low flame, after few minutes add chopped dry fruits in it and fry it more minutes
Remove pan from flame.
Now Khoya sorte in low flame for few minutes in another pan and add in the sewaiyan.
Prepare sugar syrup ( add water in sugar and cook it) in another pan.
Now add milk in fried sewaiyan and put it on low flame for 5-7 min.
And the end add sugar syrup in sewainyan and keep it low flame 5-7 min.
Now the dish is ready,serve it garnish with chopped dry fruit & Warq ( beaten foil).

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Rahat - Faisalabad Mar 25, 2019
Today I was looking to enjoy it and I asked my mother to make it for me, she told me to search Muzaffar meethi seviyan recipe, then I came here opened riwaiti mithaiyan and selected it and now printed it. Now explain it to mom.
sobia - panjab May 29, 2018
This muzaffar meethi seviyan whole recipe to make it at home with its sweet and milky taste that specially the children like to eat that
kiran farooqi - islamabad Apr 25, 2018
I love sweet dishes and always make for me and my family so thanks for sharing this sweet dish.
Lubaba - Faisalabad Mar 13, 2017
My aunty taught me to make muzaffar meethi seviyan and it was tasteful, then i tried some special recipes in the same way and now I can cook amazing recipes.

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Meethi Seviyan recipe is a sweet recipe that has first originated in the Asian subcontinent and since then has been carried out and passed by more than three generations. Seviyan is also known as vermicelli in the western continents and has been known to prepare in many different ways by each culture. We’re sure every Pakistan as a child must remember the sweet fragrance of dry Seviyan recipe without milk and gee mixed with sugar, and finding our favorite sweet dish on the table on every Eid morning. These comforting childhood memories of festivities have always left a pleasant memory and the most amazing part is that Meethi Seviyan recipe in Urdu is the memory recipe can be created in many different ways. Whether it’s the festivities or just a hot summer day, it’s safe to say that this Ramadan a sweet dish like Meethi Seviyan recipe is worth trying. Muzaffar Meethi Seviyan can be served to your family, friends or children because Meethi Seviyan recipe is a dessert that they will all crave for by the time Ramadan is here.
Muzaffar Meethi Seviyan is a Pakistani cuisine that can be served with cream, sugar syrup, crushed pistachios, saffron, edible silver paper and garnished almonds. Vermicelli (seviyan) is fried in ghee (clarified butter) or oil, cooked in water and sugar. After that, Muzaffar Meethi Seviyan recipe is cooked with milk, lemon juice, and sugar syrup. It’s an ancient delicacy that no matter how old it gets, Muzaffar Meethi Seviyan recipe is a real treat in the mouth.


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