Mutton and Beef Price List Karachi

Beef Price List karachi gives you all latest updates about beef & mutton Market Prices. KF not only update you about beef market price but also provide you all latest Mandi and Bachat Bazar Prices. So keep in touch with KFoods and get the all latest updates about beef & mutton Price list with Bachat Bazar prices as well.

Reviews & Comments

Oh bhai Kia mazak hai mai nai khud 1200 ka mutton liya or beef 600 ka koi action toh lo

Jan 18, 2021 Zeeshan Wazir Karachi

Bakray ka gosht bhi 740 main nahi mil rahay

Dec 23, 2020 Adi Karachi

1100 kg hadi kay sath main nay liya hai bhai u.p say alhaaj kay samny chicken shop main jo beef wala hai ye rate kahan Mil raha hai jaga bata dain karachi main tu man mani kay rate hain

Dec 14, 2020 Rashid Karachi

This must be a joke. Right?

Dec 09, 2020 SHuaib Yazdani Karachi

maine sunday ku 600 per kag with haddi ka beef ka ghsot liya hai..or yeh rate ju list mai asa sayad 2007 mai hoo tu pata nahi..maine tu asy rate kahi nahi dekhy plz tell me kaha pay hai is list k hisab sy mai tu 10 kgs lylonga...sub topi drama hai koi bhi serious nahi k price control kar sakty ..

Nov 26, 2020 Noman Karachi

Food is the most basic need of every living creature in this world. However, the continuous rise in the fruit prices and other food items, also known as ‘Food inflation’, marks up the situation accelerating in Pakistan over the past few years. Food inflation makes it a perfect time to start searching up for the latest fruits price list for basic household food items. Especially since the Holy month of Ramadan is currently taking places across the country.

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