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22 Jun, 2024 - Today 1 dozen egg rate in Lahore is Rs 250 - 335 per kg. Welcome to our exclusive page tracking egg rate today Lahore. Discover the current market trends for 12 eggs, stay informed about daily fluctuations, and make well-informed decisions for your household or business needs. Check back regularly for the latest insights on the egg price list in Lahore.

Egg Rate Today in Lahore 2024:

Latest egg prices in Lahore, as of today, you can buy a single egg for just Rs. 23 - Rs. 35 . If you're looking to stock up, a dozen eggs will cost you between Rs. 239 and Rs. 270 in the Lahore market.

Poultry Rate in Lahore Today Price
Egg Rate Today Lahore Rs. 270 Per 12 eggs
Desi Egg Rate in Lahore Today 379-390 Per 12 eggs

Egg Price in Lahore:

The egg price in Lahore stands at Rs. 23.00, while a dozen eggs can be acquired for Rs. 320. Eggs are a staple food item enjoyed by people in Lahore and worldwide, particularly during breakfast. Their popularity has surged due to their cost-effectiveness, versatility, and health advantages.

The egg price in Lahore has always piqued consumer interest. Eggs are a highly dynamic commodity, with prices subject to frequent fluctuations influenced by factors such as supply and demand, seasonal variations, and political stability. Egg prices can differ across various regions and markets within Lahore. In addition to Lahore, we provide daily updates on egg prices in various cities throughout Pakistan.

Lahore Official Government Sources For Poultry Rate:

Lahore District Poultry Rate List: This website displays the official retail prices for various types of chicken and eggs set by the government of Punjab. While the latest update is from February, it should give you a good starting point:, Punjab Egg Rate Today: This website tracks and updates the wholesale and retail prices of eggs across Punjab, including Lahore: .

FAQ's Related to Egg Rate Today Lahore

The faq's related to egg rate today in Lahore are given below:

What is the Price of Desi Eggs in Lahore ?

The current price of desi eggs in Lahore is Rs.300 to 340 per dozen.

What is egg rate in Pakistan today?

The current price of eggs in Lahore Pakistan is Rs.265 per dozen.

How many Eggs are Present in one Crate in Pakistan?

One crate of egg in Pakistan contains 360 eggs in it.

What i the price of 1 Peti (30 dozen ) in Lahore?

The Wholesale Rate of 1 Peti (30 dozen ) in Lahore is Rs. 7080.

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