Black olives

One of the most commonly used ingredients in Mediterranean cuisine , black olives are olives which are ripened fully before curing. They have a different flavour from green olives since green olives are picked before they are ripe. Thus, you will find that black olives contain more oil content than green olives. Coming in various sizes, they can weigh from anything between 3 gms to 16 gms per olive Black olives can be cured in various ways and are found in various varieties.. They are as follows:·Kalamata black olives: Traditionally brined olives from Greece, they are harvested when fully ripe. They have a rich, fruity flavour and a deep purple colour. They can be pitted/ unpitted as required.

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Tazeen Hassan, Karachi
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I love the olives, they are full of nutrients and tasty also, Thank God that they are available in bottles and tins now easily at every store.

  • Sardar, Karachi
  • Nov 13, 2018